Daily Archives: November 22, 2010

She Says… The Little Baby Who Lived In His Shoes

Last Thursday Benjamin and I had the opportunity to attend the launch party for Boston Parent Bloggers, a group designed to connect Boston area bloggers. The party was held at Barefoot Books, an independent children’s book publisher with an absolutely adorable flagship retail store in Concord. The minute we set foot in the store, I never wanted to leave! The store is beautifully designed with bright colors everywhere, and there are areas for all kinds of activities for kids like arts and crafts, yoga, storytime, etc.

The Boston Parent Blogger event was a blast! The group has nearly 100 members — I had no idea there were so many people so close to me doing the very same thing that I do every day. It was difficult to meet everyone, and since Benjamin and I were both there, we didn’t do an excellent job of branching out and talking to lots of new people. We probably would have been more social if we went alone… but we also used the night as one of our only “date nights” that we’ve had since Owen was born, so we wanted to attend together. Still, we connected with some awesome new friends and I can’t wait to dive in to read their blogs. In all that free time I have with a 4 month old. Hmmm.

Anyway, amidst meeting new people there were some fun activities at the event as well. Mainly, an incredible raffle! We got raffle tickets when we checked in and could submit them to win some really great prizes. One was even a stroller or car seat from Britax!!! Believe me, I put the majority of our tickets in there. But alas, we didn’t win that. We DID, however, win the cutest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen.

How precious are these?! Robeez makes gorgeous shoes for kids. I realize that shoes for a 4 month old are a little silly. It’s not like he’s walking anywhere. But honestly? They are super warm and super cute, so I’m not complaining! Owen wore them yesterday and they were a big hit.

Despite the fact that there were gift baskets and restaurant gift certificates and books and photography packages, etc. up for grabs, we also won $100 to Stride Rite. Ha! More shoes for my baby who doesn’t need shoes! Seriously, though, I’m pretty excited to get him some more Robeez. Maybe in a few months when the Moose boots have lost their sparkle. Or the weather changes.

My little baby is already taking after me.

When we left the event we were given not one but TWO swag bags full of things parent bloggers would love. You know, coupons, samples of baked goods, Lands’ End tote bags, story books, digital photo ornaments… it was HEAVEN for a free stuff lover like myself.

Benjamin and I had a blast on our date and came home to a sleeping baby. Hooray! He woke up right before I got in bed, but I was happy to have a little snuggle time and breathe in that sweet baby smell before bed.