Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

She Says… A Must-Read

Not to belabor the sleep training debate, but I just came across the absolute best article on sleep training that I’ve ever read. I couldn’t agree more.


With all of that said, I decided to postpone sleep training with Owen until after Thanksgiving. The kid is eating more than I would ever think possible for his size (36 ounces yesterday?!), so apparently he needs it. Once he finishes this growing period, we’ll work together on a sleeping period.

I also stopped swaddling him, which is a blessing and a curse. He’s been really struggling against the swaddle for the last week or so… I think he wants to practice all of his new motor developments in his sleep. And he’s been rocking and rolling on his play mat so much that I think he might be close to rolling over, which would force us to stop the swaddle, so it’s an inevitable shift. Falling asleep at night has still been effortless, but he seems to get woken up more easily. He’s had a few extra wake-ups and I’ve gone in to rock him back to sleep. Now I’m trying to institute the “shhh/pat” method instead of always picking him up to help him understand the valuable skill of how to put himself to sleep. It works most of the time, but daytime naps without the swaddle are still a toss up. Sometimes he goes down with no rocking at all, and sometimes his little arms are flailing until I rock him all the way to sleep. He’ll figure it out, though, I’m sure.

Tonight someone else is going to put him to sleep while Benjamin and I go out to a Boston bloggers event, so we’ll see how that goes.