She Says… Cue Ball

What do this:

and this:

have in common?

The former is looking more like the latter every day. It’s true… our little guy’s defining feature — his rockstar fauxhawk — is slowly but very surely disappearing. His little hairs are everywhere (the bathtub, the changing table, his crib sheet, his play mat), except on his head.

I know it will grow back. And he is STILL the most adorable baby in the world. But I’m afraid he’s about to go through his very first awkward stage. Poor kid. Side note: When I went to see my mom two weeks ago, she said his hair/hairline/bald patches look JUST like mine did when I was a baby. So at least I know where he gets it from. And I have hair now, so that bodes well for his future.


8 responses to “She Says… Cue Ball

  1. he’s adorable!

  2. Yeah – babies and their hair.
    When my daughter was born she had a bald head with tufts of black hair growing out here and there, randomly, and an uber curly tiny tuft on the top of her head. My husband insisted that I cut her hair when she was a few months old, saying that she looked like she had a bad disease. She did look incredibly peculiar so I cut it and it grew back (eventually) the most beautiful shade of auburn.
    I’m sure Owen will wind up with a beautiful head of hair!

  3. My little nephew when through a balding phase where he has the exact same balding pattern as his Dad does currently. 🙂
    Now that his hair is growing in, my Brother-in-law won’t let anyone cut it. He says he is living vicariously through his son’s hair.

  4. more pictures of the latest hairdo, please 🙂 Perhaps a mullett is in his future (tee hee!)

  5. Liam has lost at least half of his hair– makes me sad, but my mom assured me that the exact same thing happened with me. I was born with a full head of dark hair, it all fell out, and when it came back in it was so blonde it was practically white! Hope Liam keeps daddy’s dark hair.

  6. The hair thing, I knew it would happen, but I didn’t know it would be so weird! My son was born with lots of red hair, and then it started rubbing off at the back, and eventually it got to the point where… well, our nickname for him was Friar Tuck, because that’s exactly what it looked like.
    But of course, the hair grew back (still red), and now there’s no stopping it – he’s already had three haircuts at 15 months and in need of another. 😛
    I’m interested to see what Owen’s hair is doing… 🙂

  7. Same thing happened to my son around 2 months. It grew back quickly!

  8. Henry lost most of his hair in one spot on top but then he’d have hair in a little ring underneath that, it was so funny! I actually had someone ask if we did that on purpose. Umm…. no. 🙂

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