Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

She Says… Cue Ball

What do this:

and this:

have in common?

The former is looking more like the latter every day. It’s true… our little guy’s defining feature — his rockstar fauxhawk — is slowly but very surely disappearing. His little hairs are everywhere (the bathtub, the changing table, his crib sheet, his play mat), except on his head.

I know it will grow back. And he is STILL the most adorable baby in the world. But I’m afraid he’s about to go through his very first awkward stage. Poor kid. Side note: When I went to see my mom two weeks ago, she said his hair/hairline/bald patches look JUST like mine did when I was a baby. So at least I know where he gets it from. And I have hair now, so that bodes well for his future.