She Says… Priorities

I’ve noticed that since I had Owen, my To Do lists have become much shorter. Much shorter and much more prioritized. Whereas before I knew that I could finish everything on my list by bedtime, now I am lucky to do one or two things amidst naptimes and walks and playing and errands. Prioritizing is key. Since our schedule is almost always in flux, I’m [constantly] learning how to be flexible with my never-ending lists.

The morning nap is always the most reliable for Owen. It is usually 1 or 2 hours, which gives me a good opportunity to get ready for my day.

Morning nap To Do’s:
– Pump
– Breakfast
– Shower
– Blogging

That usually takes close to an hour, once I organize milk/bottles for the next feeding, tidy a few things around the house, etc. When Owen wakes up we play for awhile, he eats for awhile, and then right as the next naptime is approaching, I try to get us out for a walk with the dog. If we don’t, the poor pooch may never get out to poop! So I pop Owen in a carrier of some sort (or the stroller, but the carrier is more reliable to put him to sleep) and head out. Once we get home, we repeat the eat/play/nap cycle as best we can until it’s about bedtime.

Since afternoon naps are harder to come by, I can’t be sure I’m going to get to my To Do list. If and when I do, it usually looks something like…

Afternoon nap To Do’s:
– Exercise (usually in the living room — thank goodness for workout DVDs!)
– Fold Laundry
– Prep Dinner
– Tidy up the toys, blankets, books, etc. that we used during the day

Unfortunately that means that things like paying bills, returning emails, baking and other not-top-of-the-list things fall by the wayside. It’s no wonder I feel like I never get anything done. Maybe someday I’ll get back to being as productive as I used to be. For now I’m cherishing every minute with my little munchkin!

8 responses to “She Says… Priorities

  1. It is amazing how priorities change! I have to daily remind myself of what is important (Meredith’s needs) and what isn’t (a perfectly clean house). It can be hard to let things go, but definitely worth it. I have to say I’m jealous of Owen’s long naps. Meredith only naps for 30 minutes at a time, making it hard to get much done.

  2. I know how hard it is to get those lists done! Last week hubby was out of town and I didn’t get to doing the dishes ALL WEEK LOOOONG!! hehehehee.

  3. The Laundry Lady

    Sounds like you are doing pretty well, considering. I remember forgetting to shower and brush my teeth during the first few months. (Yeah, I know, really gross). I still feel like nap time flies by and I barely get the chance to eat, exercise or write let alone housework or anything else I might like to do.

  4. I’ve had really good luck with the jogging stroller (the dog comes too). The baby likes to look at the trees going by and doesn’t make a peep for the 4-5 miles. By the time we get back, she’s ready for a bottle and nap (and I can shower) and the dog is pooped too. Even if you do a walk/jog combo, it’s a really good workout.

    That’s my only hint, and it doesn’t work on rainy days 🙂 I have many, many days when NOTHING gets done, but I think that’s part of the package of having a baby!

  5. Isn’t it funny how we have to squeeze in showers now? Hygiene has become low on my priority list! haha.

  6. Boy, do i know the feeling! I actually really enjoy that part of being back at work: I get to get things done! But I keep trying to tell myself: give it a year. A year is when it will all have settled more. Enjoy the now. I know, it’s hard – my A-type personality wants to get everything done, but I do try to calm it down.

  7. Oh my goodness I know! My to-do lists are so much shorter. Sometimes just feeding him and myself takes all morning! What with diaper changing and laundry my days get full fast. I love every second of it though.

  8. I think the “at home to do list” is harder after going back to work. I had to make a “chore chart” for myself breaking up cleaning the house throughout the entire week. Sometimes, those chores don’t even get done! Oh well! haha

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