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She Says… We Made It!

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She Says… Priorities

I’ve noticed that since I had Owen, my To Do lists have become much shorter. Much shorter and much more prioritized. Whereas before I knew that I could finish everything on my list by bedtime, now I am lucky to do one or two things amidst naptimes and walks and playing and errands. Prioritizing is key. Since our schedule is almost always in flux, I’m [constantly] learning how to be flexible with my never-ending lists.

The morning nap is always the most reliable for Owen. It is usually 1 or 2 hours, which gives me a good opportunity to get ready for my day.

Morning nap To Do’s:
– Pump
– Breakfast
– Shower
– Blogging

That usually takes close to an hour, once I organize milk/bottles for the next feeding, tidy a few things around the house, etc. When Owen wakes up we play for awhile, he eats for awhile, and then right as the next naptime is approaching, I try to get us out for a walk with the dog. If we don’t, the poor pooch may never get out to poop! So I pop Owen in a carrier of some sort (or the stroller, but the carrier is more reliable to put him to sleep) and head out. Once we get home, we repeat the eat/play/nap cycle as best we can until it’s about bedtime.

Since afternoon naps are harder to come by, I can’t be sure I’m going to get to my To Do list. If and when I do, it usually looks something like…

Afternoon nap To Do’s:
– Exercise (usually in the living room — thank goodness for workout DVDs!)
– Fold Laundry
– Prep Dinner
– Tidy up the toys, blankets, books, etc. that we used during the day

Unfortunately that means that things like paying bills, returning emails, baking and other not-top-of-the-list things fall by the wayside. It’s no wonder I feel like I never get anything done. Maybe someday I’ll get back to being as productive as I used to be. For now I’m cherishing every minute with my little munchkin!