He Says… Quick Link

My second post today, but a friend just posted this on Facebook and I think it’s an absolutely awesome post.  As someone who frequently dressed up in girl’s clothing as a child, I found it especially poignant. Definitely a worthwhile read:



3 responses to “He Says… Quick Link

  1. I loved this post. I cannot believe how judgmental people are.

  2. On my first read, I loved that post, too. On my second read, I have to wonder: “Is your son really gay? Have you maybe done him a disservice by outing him?” She could have written the story without pasting such a careless headline on it. The internet never forgets, as I suspect this boy will discover during a very uncomfortable time in his junior high years.

    Meanwhile, did you see pics of me in my Martha Washington costume this year? Does that make me gay?

  3. I loved this too. So honest and well written!
    Thanks for sharing!

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