Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

He Says… Quick Link

My second post today, but a friend just posted this on Facebook and I think it’s an absolutely awesome post.  As someone who frequently dressed up in girl’s clothing as a child, I found it especially poignant. Definitely a worthwhile read:


He Says… Our talkative little man

Kate and I are in the midst of what could be a pretty sleepless night.  Owen may be a little under the weather, and has had a fussy day, and just got up a few hours before he normally does.  He was pretty inconsolable, and we took turns putting him back to sleep, but Kate “the miracle worker”, succeeded.

Anyway, on a lighter/happier note, here is a video I shot of Owen yesterday that I think will brighten everybody’s day.  Owen is definitely getting his voice, and several times a day he’s enjoyed talking to us.