Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

She Says… The Swaddle to Tame Houdini

Remember this post and this post from a few weeks ago about how my little Houdini could get out of every swaddle, including the Miracle Blanket (which I love the MOST and have continued to used, even though it gets a little loose by the end of the night sometimes)? Well, the tables have turned.

After Tweeting that picture of Owen busting out of the Miracle Blanket (which still makes me laugh every time I look at it), Tamara from PeaWee Baby contacted me to say that she had created a swaddle that he couldn’t get out of. The challenge had been set.

You know what? She really did. There’s no way he could get out of the SwaddleBuddy Sack.

Generally I tend to steer away from swaddles with velcro since my little incredible hulk seems to be able to bust right out of them (and the sound of the velcro always startles Owen awake), but the SwaddleBuddy’s velcro is quiet and strong. And although it seems a little confusing at first (the shape is nothing like other swaddles I’ve tried), it really is quite easy to put on, even on a squirmy little guy like Owen.

And best of all? Tamara makes the swaddles out of some of the cutest fabrics! They have the perfect amount of stretch and are durable in the laundry. Ours has already been through two poopsplosions and a pee waterfall and it still looks brand new 🙂

I highly recommend the SwaddleBuddy Sack for any other little Houdinis out there!

In the last few days Owen has preferred to be rocked to sleep on his tummy rather than his side, and he has been waking up and crying when I turn him to his back to sleep (for daytime naps only… nighttime he doesn’t mind his back… strange). I wonder if this is the beginning of moving towards sleeping on his tummy, unswaddled? Anyone else gone through this transition? Is it just something the baby chooses for himself? I know I’m not supposed to let him sleep on his tummy before he can roll over purposefully, but he’s rolled over a lot of times and has really strong neck and chest control.

When did you stop swaddling? Why? How did the transition go?