She Says… Owen’s First Trip to the Mountains

We had a wonderful weekend away. Owen did great on the 4 1/2 hour car rides there and back (even took a bottle in his carseat while driving!). He stuck to his regular sleeping schedule at night, too, which was a huge relief to the tired Mama!

He barely cried or fussed all weekend since there was always someone there to hold him or entertain him.

He got to taste the crisp mountain air on his first hike.

And Benjamin and I went on OUR FIRST DATE since Owen was born. Long-awaited. It felt wonderful, and it was surprisingly easy for me to switch off the mom brain and return to normal conversation. We did NOT spend our evening saying things like, “I wonder what Owen’s doing right now”, although we did come home a little earlier than we planned because my boobs were going to explode since I missed a nursing session while Owen had a bottle. Not so romantic. Nonetheless, it was pretty fun to put on some new (read: non-maternity) clothes and have a glass of wine with my honey.

Our thrush is going away, just very slowly. My symptoms are resolving quicker than Owen’s, but I have seen an improvement in his eating in the last day or so. So fingers are crossed that we’re through the worst of it!


4 responses to “She Says… Owen’s First Trip to the Mountains

  1. I’m jealous! SF doesn’t have a true fall – in fact, fall is really an Indian summer for us, with hot temps. I miss changing leaves and crisp weather.

  2. Yay for a fun date!!! Sounds like a great trip

  3. Aww! Wonderful photos! You all look wonderful and you look particularly gorgeous:)

    So glad the Thrush is clearing up and your date was good!

  4. I LOVE these pictures. Looks like it was a nice hiking day! 🙂

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