He Says… Bedtime Fail

So I want to do everything I can to help out.  So the other night we decided that I would do Owen’s first nighttime feeding (around midnight).  That way Kate could go to sleep around 9 (after we watched “Glee”) and could sleep until hopefully 4am.  That would be the longest stretch of sleep that she’d gotten since Owen was born.  I’ve been going to bed around 11pm recently (and having a harder than normal time falling to sleep) so I decided that I’d just stay up and wait for Owen to get up.

We had decided it was best to not wake him up, and I heard him make his first peep around 12:10.  So I scrambled to let Schnitzel out one last time before bed, and get Owen’s bottle prepped before he started crying.  I did all that, and then heard nothing.  For a while.  I figured at any minute he’d get up again, but after going upstairs and brushing my teeth, I ended up sitting on the floor outside the nursery for 35 minutes (playing the highly addictive “Doodle Jump” on my iPhone), waiting for Owen to actually wake up.  Finally a little after 1am he got up.  I definitely should have gone to bed earlier and gotten a couple hours of sleep, I realized.

Feeding him from a bottle is remarkably fine, although I find he coughs a fair amount and I have to burp him more often than Kate does while breastfeeding.  He ate like a champ and then went to sleep quite easily.  Unfortunately during this time I heard Kate get up and go to the bathroom and she was still awake when I got into bed.  So much for her getting a longer stretch of sleep.

The next morning Kate said that since she didn’t get up to pump while I fed Owen (in an effort to get more sleep), her boobs were killing by the time she finally fed him around 4am.  She decided that me doing the nighttime feedings, at this point at least, is not really that helpful.

So I tried.  But at least I am off the hook for nighttime duty for now.  I don’t mind that (but don’t tell Kate I said that.)

5 responses to “He Says… Bedtime Fail

  1. Every time I have my husband do the night feeding, it ends up waking me up anyway and since he can sleep through it, it just makes more sense for me to get up. Also, he works and I stay home with the baby (and can sneak the occasional nap). Maybe Kate can train Owen to only want to see you if he has a nightmare when he’s older and that will even things out 🙂

  2. I could never sleep for a long stretch when my babies were young – even if it was quiet, I always slept with ears open and woke up at the tiniest little noise from the baby. I didn’t even bother having my husband get up until a few months later, when we were trying to eliminate nighttime feedings. With each kid, I was the only one to get up in the night (they wanted me, anyway, and I would wake up anyway) for the first few months.

    However, my husband got his due when we were cutting out the middle-of-the-night feedings. When the baby woke up, if I went in to soothe him and didn’t nurse him, he would get much more angry and upset. So we found it was better if my husband went in to put him back down, and milk wasn’t part of the equation. It helped the kids to sleep through the night (eventually). I found that I slept more deeply too as time went by and didn’t jump out of bed at every sound. If I heard the baby crying, all I had to do was roll over and wake up my husband.

  3. that’s sweet that you wanted to help and that you tried! Sometimes it’s just not possible based on the baby’s needs and schedule, but the fact that you are willing can make all the difference!

  4. Me and my husband thought about him feeding our daughter at night, but I would have to get up to pump or feel the pain later. It is good in theory, but easier when I just get up and feed her.
    Great job for trying!

  5. You definitely get an A for effort! good job dad! Its hard when a woman is breastfeeding…good job!

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