She Says… My Little Olympian

Something exciting happened over the weekend! Well, exciting if you are under 3 months or a mom.

Apparently usually babies do this between 2 and 3 months, and Owen is not 2 months old until Friday. My little athlete 🙂

I credit that new activity gym for all the tummy time we’ve been doing recently. I also roll him over slowly when he’s doing tummy time so he can feel what it feels like to roll over. Who knows if that had any effect, though. And I’ve tried to get him to do it since then, and only succeeded once, so this may be one of those things that he does, and then doesn’t do again for a few more weeks. Still, I’m glad we got it on video!

12 responses to “She Says… My Little Olympian

  1. Aww! So adorable! I gotta be sure my little man gets enough tummy time.

  2. Way to go Owen! Eli rolled over last week… he was SO proud of himself, too!

  3. Yay Owen! It was definitely the most exciting thing for me as a parent so far!!

  4. PRECIOUS! I was just thinking your blog was too low on Owen photos lately…:)

    Also, I love how Schnitzel is like, hey – anyone want to see what I can do with this ball?! 🙂 He’s a cutie too.

  5. I’m super impressed! My 3 1/2 month old hasn’t done that yet! I think she’s too chunky 🙂

  6. That is very impressive! And he’s so cute! I heard you mention no more swaddling – but I’ve heard that until they’ve rolled from back to stomach, which takes significantly longer, you can still swaddle them. Just so you know (because it was a disaster when we tried to stop swaddling my daughter at 2 months) ! I love your baby gym – who makes it?

    PS – I’m having a book giveaway this Friday if you want to check it out! You can enter by commenting anytime this week! – Esperanza @

  7. That’s awesome! Evan is 4 and a half months old and still hasn’t rolled over yet! I think he’s pretty close though. Great job Owen!

  8. I love the first “roll over.” Amazing that you got it on video!

  9. That was adorable!!!! You are such a cute mommy.

    I loved Schnitzel in the background, wagging his tail like he was excited too! Sweet puppy. 🙂

  10. Amazing! He is adorable Kate!

  11. Rolling over is back to front, he’s just falling, but still he has incredible head control for 7 weeks, that tummy time is paying off.

  12. Ohh Kate, I just want to kiss his little nose! I loved your ‘dunk’ when he rolled over. I still think of him as Piccolino in my head.

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