She Says… Success!

Well, our long car trip was a success! The drive from Boston to Delaware usually takes about 6 hours, and we stopped twice to nurse (for about an hour each time), so it ended up taking us a little over 8 hours. Not too shabby! If you do the math, you will see that stopping only twice does NOT follow our normal “eat every two hours during the day” schedule.

Do you know why? I starved the baby.

He was sleeping so beautifully in the car (cars are magical for babies, have I mentioned that?) that we let him go beyond the normal 2 hour schedule. In fact, the last stretch that we did was almost 4 hours between feedings. We were so close to our destination that I felt like we should power through, rather than adding another hour to our trip. I was anxious to see my family! And Owen was so agreeable… he fussed a little but in general was very calm, cool and collected about our switched up schedule (or lack thereof).

I was very nervous, since usually he does a 4 hour stretch only at night. I thought I had “wasted” it on the daytime and that I was in for a night of two hour stretches and lots of awake time. He slept soooo much in the car that I thought for sure he’d be wide awake for the next few stretches between feedings (when I wanted to sleep!). I was partially right. He was very awake when we got to my sister’s house, but he settled down when I wanted to go to bed (much later than I normally do), and did another 4 hour stretch on his own. Go baby!

We’re sleeping in my sister’s baby’s nursery on an air mattress, so it was the first time we slept in the same room as him. Man, that baby is LOUD at night. Glad we generally sleep in separate rooms, and that the monitor doesn’t pick up on all those little noises. All in all, though, we had a successful night away from home. So proud of my little sleeper.

5 responses to “She Says… Success!

  1. im’ glad to read that you let him sleep in his own bed in his own room! So many people aren’t doing this these days and it makes me wonder…..glad you had a safe trip.

  2. That’s awesome! So glad it went well!

  3. I so wished I had moved my munchkin to his own room sooner than we did. I, too, had no idea how LOUD babies can be in their sleep! Although this past week I’ve been awake either listening to or looking at the monitor, but I’m sure that won’t last.

  4. I agree that the car is magical for babies! I had my baby in her bassinet by my bed for 3 weeks before I had to move her to the nursery because of her snoring!

    You didn’t starve your baby, think of it as getting him used to waiting longer and eating bigger meals 🙂

  5. Loud babies are the exact reason my Brother and Sister-in-law moved their baby to his nursery at 3 weeks…it seems to work just fine for them!

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