He Says… First Family Trip

So we are in the process of packing of the Toyota Sienna and heading on our first family trip to Delaware to visit Kate’s family.  I have almost all the bags in the car and Kate is breastfeeding Owen, and we are hoping that we can get out of Massachusetts before we have to feed him again.  This drive would normally take about 6 hours, but I am expecting closer to 9 (read: 1000) hours today with all the stops for feeding.  It’s too bad we can’t drive while Kate feeds him in the backseat, because there is plenty of room for that (but I know that would not be safe).

Kate, the planner that she is, started a list a couple days ago of all the stuff we’d need to bring.  It was extensive, but I think we got it all, and I am shocked at how much room we still have in the car (I LOVE having a minivan).  I never used to feel that we had any room to spare with our Mazda.  There is a lot of extra stuff, though, that we need for Owen, although fortunately we are staying with Kate’s sister who has a 5 month old (and a 3 year old) so I imagine she’ll have us covered if we forgot anything.

We are looking forward to having Owen meet his aunts that he hasn’t met, and his Granddad, and his 2 cousins.  I predict a weekend with lots of screaming children/babies, but it will be fun.

If we ever get there.


7 responses to “He Says… First Family Trip

  1. Cupcakes are for sure the best part of this list. Good luck and safe travels!

  2. I agree, be SURE to bring the cupcakes! Most important item on the list! 😉

  3. In Dr. Sears Brest feeding book there is actually a method for breastfeeding while your baby is strapped in to the car seat and you are strapped in beside them. It involves leaning over the baby. I have not tried it yet but we had to take a 9-10hr car trip when our daughter was 3 wks old and I wish I had known about it then (specially at like 3 am when we were searching for a hotel in a strange city and the baby was crying bloody murder! Good luck!

  4. You can do it! I have to admit, as hard as I tried to get the breastfeeding to work for us, it was times like that that I was glad to be able to sit in the back and use a bottle. 🙂 Good luck and have fun!

  5. Cupcakes are the best- love that they made your list! 😉

  6. We drove to Canada from the US…..3 days in the car!! Both ways, uphill and snow too..hehe.. Have fun! 🙂

  7. I take regular drives to visit my parents 5 hours away, just me and my son. It was much easier (and less screamy) when he was younger, despite the frequent feeding stops. I think the longest it ‘s taken is 8 hours, so I think what you guys are expecting is reasonable, especially with Owen being so good with his schedule. 🙂
    Have fun, and safe driving!

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