She Says… One Month

Sweet baby Owen,

You are one month old today. While part of me can’t believe it’s been that long (time really does fly!), most of me can’t remember what life was like before you came along, so it feels like you’ve been a part of our lives forever.

At 12:36pm on Saturday, July 24th, my life completely changed. My priorities reshuffled, my focus shifted, and my brain became completely useless for anything other than thinking about you. We’ve spent nearly every minute together since then, and although it was a big change from my independent ways, I wouldn’t wish it any other way. Your Daddy may not be able to feed you like I can, but he loves you so, so, so much.

You are a great sleeper. From the moment you were born, you seemed to be on a schedule. You are the “textbook” baby — eating exactly when the guidelines say you should! I shouldn’t be surprise about that, though, since I remember saying the same thing during my pregnancy. And you are my son, after all; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Every 2 hours during the day, like an alarm clock has gone off, you stir from your sleep and begin smacking your lips and putting your hands to your mouth to tell me you are hungry. Sometimes, if you sleep a little too long, you will wake up STARVING and look at me like, “Mom, why in the world haven’t you fed me yet?! I’m going to waste away!”. You also seem to know the difference between day and night (thank my lucky stars!), and you give us longer stretches at night — recently a 4 hour stretch and then a 3 hour stretch before returning to 2 – 2 1/2 hour stretches. Although that still only means about 2 1/2 – 3 hours of sleep for me even at the longest stretch (since you eat for almost a full hour every time!), I am thankful for the extra time under the covers.

Swaddling you seems to be the best way to get you to sleep. You need to have those overactive arms and legs tied down before you can rest. I can already see you express yourself through your body, and we may have a little foot stomper on our hands when you get a little bigger. When you don’t want to nap, you bust out of your swaddle faster than I can pick you up. Your arms come out the neck and you kick your legs until they stick out of the swaddle like you’re wearing some funny sarong. Then you lie there, arms going a mile a minute, until I come rescue you.

You have the cutest way of waking up from a nap. You raise your eyebrows so your eyelids are pulled flat, but you don’t open your eyes. Then you stretch every muscle in your body — arching your back, bending from side to side, flexing your legs so your feet look like they are standing on air. You roll your head around and make the most amazing faces. Slowly those faces turn into your adorable pouty face and then a little cry that sounds like one, quick “Wuh-ah”. If we cuddle you and rock you at this point, you will stay quiet and happy, even if you are hungry or need a diaper change. You are such a chill little guy, and you love to be held against my chest where you can hear my heart beat.

Generally you are a great eater too. Even when you were brand new, you had quite an impressive suck reflex. All the nurses at the hospital commented on it! Since then we’ve learned a lot about breastfeeding, and you are a little pro at latching and eating. Most of the time. In the last 2 weeks you have developed what I affectionately call “Little Monster Mode” where you squeal and squirm and make noises like someone is torturing you while we’re nursing. You shake your head around and pull off my nipple — it’s very frustrating. I haven’t quite figured out if the problem is gas (sometimes you’ll have a big poop or burp and will settle down), too much milk/too little milk, or something else entirely. In the end there’s not much I can do to stop it once you’ve started, so we struggle through the feeding. I hope this stage passes soon 🙂

Owen, you’re the perfect little baby. I can’t stop studying your deep blue eyes or marveling at your adorable mohawk of black hair. I could stare at your tiny little mouth all day long. Your expressions are endless, and every day it is amazing to watch you look around and take in your world.

I love you, baby boy. More than I thought I ever could.



6 responses to “She Says… One Month

  1. The fussing while nursing is probably because eating makes the baby’s digestive system wake up (and moves poop down the shoot). That can be uncomfortable for the baby or the baby may just not like the sensation. With my baby, I sometimes have to swaddle her to feed her so she stays calm, or her intestinal movements will get her all worked up until she can’t finish eating.

    Sleep does get better, but that first time they sleep for 6-8 hours are hard on you! I was convinced that something was horribly wrong the first time it happened! Also, my boobs don’t like waiting and it took a while to acclimate.

    Woohoo for the first month down, only 2 more to go until you end the “4th trimester”!

  2. Beautiful. More beautiful than your letters to him while he was in utero and I didn’t think that was possible. 🙂

  3. What a sweet letter!

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but our pediatrician told us that a baby can drain a boob in 10 minutes. I went from feeding Eli for like 20-30 minutes on each side to 10 on each side when he was 4 weeks. He became a much more efficient eater, and after a week or two he would automatically unlatch after about 10 minutes. It made night feedings SO much easier because I could be back in bed within 30 or 40 minutes. Of course, this is totally unsolicited baby advice, and of course every baby & every pediatrician is different! 🙂

  4. looove your letters and can relate to lots of things you are writing about. i read your twitter side bar about “sleeping 12 hours by 12 weeks”. i’m with you; not thinking it will be possible! LOL.

  5. I totally have a milk monster on my hands too! It just started last night and seems to be an early evening thing :-/

  6. wow – a month already, where did it go? 🙂 I agree – swaddling is the best thing ever. Well, for us, it was until about three months when Henry decided he’d had enough. That and he outgrew his swaddlers! 🙂

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