He Says… Going Away

So today I have to take my first work trip which will put me away from Owen for a couple days. I have to go to NYC this afternoon and will be back Wednesday night. Luckily that’s not too long, but still, I know I will miss my little guy. (I am certainly thrilled, though, that Owen decided to enter this world when he did, because if I had to make this trip with possibly a week old baby, I am not sure I would have gone. But Owen clearly followed my guidance and made his early arrival.) Kate is certainly on top of all the baby management, so I figured that she’d be fine without me. In fact, I feel a little bit like a third wheel in the this new relationship. Sure I can change Owen’s diaper, and hold him from time to time, but most of the day he is latched on to one of Kate’s boobs, or asleep. The last few days I’ve attempted to put him to sleep when he’s been overly fussy, and after about 20 minutes or so, I give up and just decide that he wants to be awake. I clearly am either impatient, or do not have “mom’s touch”. Kate can usually put him to sleep no problem.

Anyway, I know that Kate does not feel like I am totally unnecessary in this process, even if I have somewhat less to provide for our little one at this point, and she was initially a little concerned with me having to go away. Fortunately her brother and sister-in-law decided to come visit from Philly for a few days which just happened to coincide with my trip, so they are arriving today and will be at our house to help out. They are expecting their first child in December (more cousins for Owen!) so they are pretty excited to spend a few days with a newborn.

So while I do get to have a nice full night of sleep in a hotel for the next 2 nights (ok, I can’t really complain about a lack of sleep yet, as Kate’s been doing all the feedings so far), I know I will miss hearing the sounds of Owen in our little baby monitor throughout the night.


One response to “He Says… Going Away

  1. Your role as Owen’s daddy will change as he gets bigger and I’m sure that there will be plenty of times that you are the “dominant” parent. He’ll look to his dad for guidance in areas that Kate just won’t understand. 🙂

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