She Says… I Tasted It

Me: “I tasted it!”

Benjamin: “Tasted what?”

Me: “My breastmilk. I tasted it. When I was condensing bottles, there were a few drops left in one, and I tasted it.”


Me: “It tasted like the sweetest, thickest, most delicious cream you’ve ever tried. Thick, like melted ice cream.”


Benjamin: “Yeah. I guess if I could produce beer out of my body I would taste it too.”


15 responses to “She Says… I Tasted It

  1. hahahahahah! I totally foresee this exact conversation when I have my baby. I mean, word for word. Especially the beer part.

  2. My husband and I have joked about this almost daily, but I’ve never done it 🙂 I’m dying to know if it has different flavors depending on what I eat!

  3. haha, awesome. I tried mine too, and my husband caved and tried a drop as well. To me it’s like the milk out of the bottom of the sugary cereal bowl!

    Weird? Maybe. But it seems that most people try it.. maybe just don’t talk about it.

  4. haha, I love it!

  5. This conversation is so funny!

  6. This is hilarious! And I will so be the one tasting it, so I’m glad I’m not alone. You have done such a great job of sharing your new mommy experiences!!!

  7. Cracking me up!

  8. For years now I’ve talked about making cheese out of my breastmilk. With my first due in November, I’ll see if I end up chickening out or if I eventually go through with it.

  9. glad i’m not the only one! for 4 1/2 years now, i’ve been describing it as tasting like a melted vanilla milkshake and no one believes me! so happy you back me up.

  10. Ha!!! I died laughing at Benjamin’s response.

    I’m sure I’ll taste mine eventually. Rob, on the other hand, would probably rather die than taste it. He’s gone totally pale whenever I mentioned it.

  11. When I read this I was like “EW EW EWWW IS SHE NUTS?!!” But I’ll admit you have me a tad curious….

  12. Haha! I never tried mine, not because I thought it was particularly weird, but because for some reason I thought it would taste gross. Despite the fact that my baby drank it.
    Now I stand corrected. 😀

  13. I died laughing and had to tell Clint!! We aren’t that brave!

  14. Ah hahahahahahahaha. Seriously hilarious. I think my husband would echo Benjamins sentiments!


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