He Says… Can’t He Just Be Naked

I would say that in these early days of Owen’s life, Kate has dealt with most of the difficult tasks.  I really can’t complain too much, because A. there is less I can do right now for Owen, and B. He is a remarkably cooperative (read: sleepy) baby.  But since I can’t take over a lot of the other responsibilities I am trying to do what I can.  Running errands, cleaning the house, walking Schnitzel, etc.  I also have taken over most of the diaper duty, which turns out to be much easier than I had imagined.  I know as he gets more and more squirmy changing diapers will get harder, but I find it’s kind of like a little puzzle, and I enjoy the challenge of seeing how quickly and efficiently I can get him changed.  And I know that I am tempting fate by saying this, but I have yet to get hit by a stream of pee during a changing.  Kate has, but maybe Owen knows to hold it in when I am changing him.  Good boy.

But what I find to be the hardest, most aggravating part of caring for a baby, is changing his stupid clothes.  I mean really.  There has got to be a better solution then the current crop of onesies and sleepers.  I can’t quite imagine what the ideal solution would be, but I know this ain’t it.  The onesies, for the most part, are okay to put on, but I constantly think I am going to strangle the poor child while putting it over his.  This morning I think I pressed harder than I am supposed to on his soft spot while trying to get the damn thing over his head.  But at least the onesies just snap below his bottom and have short sleeves.

But don’t get me started on the sleepers.  These are a nightmare to put on a fidgety little child.  We have 2 varieties.  One has snaps, which run down both legs, and the other zips, but only down one leg.  I am not sure which I hate more.  Every time I try to get him in his jammies, his legs immediately come tucked right into his body and I worry that I am going to break his little legs trying to extend them into the sleeper.  Then he flexes his foot in a locked position making it impossible to navigate down the leg hole and into the built in bootie.  Every time I go to put his arms in the long-sleeve sleeper his little hands disappear in the long sleeves  and I worry that I am going to snap one of his fingers trying to get them out the arm hole.  And to top it off, it seems that every night when it’s time to get into his sleeper, it is when he is at his fussiest.  I honestly think that someone could make millions if they came up with a new system for these baby clothes.  Believe me, I am working on it.
In the meantime, I think we should just let Owen be naked all the time.  People who know me know that that is how I would prefer to be most of the time.

12 responses to “He Says… Can’t He Just Be Naked

  1. Have you tried a sleep sak? https://www.halosleep.com/
    They have different kinds where the arms can be free or swaddled, but it eliminates the issues of struggling to get little Owen’s legs into his sleeper.

  2. Gowns work so much better on brand-new babies. We had our son in them for about the first month. Since they tuck their legs it’s easier not to fool with the legs of sleepers!

  3. pahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahaaahahaa…this sooooooo ,ade me laugh…thank you for that!

  4. love this post!! we dont have airconditioning so we do the ‘naked baby’ thing pretty much all day everyday. just diaper and that is it! i do like the snap t-shirts and sleep sacks since you dont have to put them over baby’s head!

  5. My husband agrees with you completely! We both hate the endless snaps and don’t even get me started on baby pants…I always abandon them after 2 or 3 diaper changes. My baby didn’t like the sleep sack because she needs to be really tightly swaddled to sleep, but I sometimes put her in a long sleeve onesie and socks for the night instead of a gown (which rides up) or footie pajamas (which are impossible to snap up in the dark at night)

    Try to find onesies with snaps around the neck, I found those to be the easiest to get on and off!

  6. Halo Sleepsacks+Onsies
    Sleeping Gowns+Onsies
    and when/if you’re ready to swaddle, Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are the best


    and, just wait until he pees on his own face. it’s priceless.

  7. hahaha. this is a great post.

    The first time my husband and I babysat our little nephew, he must have been 6 weeks old, and you should have seen the two of us non parents trying to figure out the damn snaps on the sleepers. Seriously.

  8. We had some great gowns with a kimono-like wrap. They worked well!

  9. Sleep sacks rock! You can swaddle right over the top if you need to, but they are easy peasy to put on.
    We’re rocking the naked baby look right now – no AC and hot weather = no need for clothes!

  10. This was me just a few weeks ago. My son is now 9 weeks, and the sleepyness does fade. They gat so active in what seems like a few short weeks, so enjoy the sleepyness!

    Dressing baby is so hard! And considering that its winter here, its long tops and pants all the time. The PJs are the worst, but they do get easier to do over time 🙂

  11. haha that’s so adorable. Glad you’re getting to be so involved.

    I’ve always thought sleepers were a pain! ESPECIALLY the snapping ones. Who thought of that? I don’t quite have my own son yet but I had a lot of younger siblings and have had my share of struggling to get babies into those things.

  12. We only just started using sleepers at about 3 months. Before that we just let him wear the short sleeve onesie at night and swaddled in a flannel blanket. We live in NC and keep the ac on pretty high, but that seemed to keep him warm enough. We found, like you, that the sleepers are just too much of a pain when you are trying to change a diaper in the middle of the night.

    We switched to the sleepers because he no longer likes to be swaddled at night (a thumb sucker!) so we wanted him to be a little warmer. He also no longer poops during the night, so we don’t change his diaper until the morning now, which makes the sleepers much easier to deal with. I don’t know if all babies stop pooping at night or if this is a special feature on our model, but we like it 🙂

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