She Says… 38 Weeks

My little watermelon,

You are so close to popping out, I can just feel it. My stomach is so hard that it feels more like a bowling ball than a baby in there most of the time. I still feel you kicking and moving around, but the quality of your movements has changed a lot since you don’t have much room in there. Since your head is engaged in my pelvis getting ready for your big journey, that’s pretty stationary, and there’s not very much you can do other than kicking your little feet (which I can see poking out of my side!).

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of research on fetal positioning and how that affects labor. After a bit of belly mapping and poking around, I am fairly certain that you are somewhere between the Right Occiput Transverse (ROT) and Right Occiput Posterior (ROP) positions. That means that you are head down (thank you, you good little boy), but looking out and facing my belly button, rather than facing my back, which is the best position for labor. Not surprising, since you’re my son — you want to look around and not miss a thing, not stare at the wall! Your little rear end is on my right side, just under my rib. There’s been a big bulge in that spot for weeks, and now I finally know what it is! And the strong kicks I feel under my left rib are your foot. Thankfully, the majority of all ROT/ROP babies spin during early/active labor and come out just fine wthout interventions. However, I’ve started doing a few things to help you get into that position too. I’m sitting on an exercise ball instead of a desk chair (hoping to open my pelvis and hips in preparation for labor too), and spending time on my hands and knees and doing yoga poses like puppy pose and downward facing dog to give you some room to spin. It certainly helps to be working from home at this point; my coworkers would think I was crazy if they saw me!

Daddy and I are putting the finishing touches on your room. I feel like I’ve been saying that for weeks, but we really are getting down to the details now, hanging artwork and shelves and a mobile that we made. Can’t wait to share the pictures with all of your adoring internet fans 🙂 All of your tiny clothes are washed and put away in your drawers, and diapers and other necessities are ready and waiting for you to arrive. It’s so much fun to feel so ready for you. This afternoon we’re completing the one, last thing that Daddy and I really wanted to do before you arrived, so you can come any time now, little guy. We can’t wait to meet you.

I have another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so we’ll see if my body has made any more progress toward labor. I hope so! Daddy and I have both had a strange premonition/preference for you to arrive tomorrow, on Thursday, July 22nd. Who knows where we got that idea… but the other night Daddy said, “If he came on Thursday, that would be perfect” and I had said “I hope he comes on the 22nd” at a separate time, not realizing that was the same day. So, we’ll soon see if we are psychics or just wishful thinkers!

I can’t stop thinking about you. Every little twinge and poke and cramp feels like a symptom, like we’re one step closer to seeing your sweet face. Come out soon, ok?

With more love than I ever thought I had to give,


9 responses to “She Says… 38 Weeks

  1. I’m impressed with all of your research and conclusions on what part of the baby is where. I could never figure out if what was poking me was a knee or elbow or head or butt….
    Crossing my fingers for a Thursday baby for you!

  2. I too am very impressed!!! I just knew where his butt was and that was it; it was too big not to know. HAPPY 38 WEEKS!!!!!! And good luck at the appointment 🙂

  3. ooh all the best!! home stretch now.

  4. Good luck! The last few weeks are the hardest b/c you just want to meet your little one already! My one piece of advice is to get as much sleep as you can b/c it’s so tiring! I absolutely love being a mom but my daughter is 2 months today and I feel like a zombie 🙂

  5. I’ve just started to work on our nursery and can’t wait to see yours! I have a friend due around the same time as you…wonder who will pop first?

  6. Kate, Since stopping by to read what you had to say about our photoshoot I’ve been stopping by a lot to see if you’ve had that baby yet! Now it’s almost every day. I can’t wait to meet him & take cute little photos!


  7. spinning the baby is hilarious and awesome! hope it works out.

  8. How exciting!!! Almost time! I’m nearly 34 weeks now, and at my last appointment, my doc told me that baby was also head down but sort of hanging out on the right side. The flat bulge that often sticks out is baby’s back 🙂
    I can’t wait to find out what your “one last thing” is… so curious! Good luck in your last couple of weeks, I’ll be thinking of you.

  9. oh – I want to see the mobile you made! I made one too and I keep meaning to post pictures of it but I haven’t yet. 🙂

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