She Says… Progress Update

You may remember that at my 36 week appointment I was 50% effaced. While we all know that doesn’t mean much in terms of impending labor (I could be 50% effaced for the next month and STILL have to be induced), it still felt like a small victory. As my sister (who has had two beautiful babies after long, drawn out, painful inductions) said, “You already don’t have the cervix of steel that I have”. So it was good news!

Even better news? At my 37 week appointment last week, my OB said I was 75% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. She was even touching the baby’s head without much pushing and prodding. She said he’s definitely “engaged” and my cervix has started to move forward. Woo hoo! MORE progress! The numbers themselves are not terribly exciting, as again, many women get this same status update early on and are still twiddling their thumbs waiting for their babies to arrive long after their due dates. However, the progress my body made in just one week is definitely a good sign. Let’s hope this trend continues and we’ll have a baby in no time!

I also experienced some new symptoms this past weekend that lead me to believe that things are happening. Most importantly, slightly painful and much more frequent contractions! I don’t know if these are technically Braxton Hicks or the real deal, but they definitely feel different than in the past. I feel cramping in my lower back, and it slowly moves around to my lower abdomen (like strong period cramps). I feel all mushy inside and sometimes like I have to go to the bathroom (even though I don’t). When I feel my stomach it is hard as a rock all over. And then, after a little while, they dissipate. Whew! While certainly not enough to make me concerned (this is what my body is supposed to be doing, after all), they have been strong enough to wake me up in the middle of the night (twice!). The pain is eased when I get up and walk around, although I can still tell the contraction is going on, which makes me think Benjamin and I will be wearing out our walking shoes once I go into real labor.

In addition to the contractions, I think I have lost (or, more accurately, am losing, little by little) my mucus plug. Whoa, sorry family and friends… I didn’t give you much warning there. TMI ALERT! That is an incredibly gross term for something totally normal. As the cervix expands, the mucus sealing it up loosens and falls out. Just like my dilation and effacement, it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is coming tomorrow, but it does mean that dilation is happening, which is a very good thing.

So, that’s the update! Another doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Can’t wait!

Oh, and guess what we’re doing tonight? Hint: It’s something Benjamin posted about a long time ago. At one point it was the reason he was most excited we were having a baby 🙂 Details to come.


14 responses to “She Says… Progress Update

  1. SO exciting!! I think I lost my mucous plug around 37 weeks as well.

    My doctor told me that any contractions after you have started to dilate & efface are technically real, because they are ‘doing something.’ They are making things progress rather than just exercising your uterus. I had those contractions for like 3 weeks, so I like to tell people I was in labor for 3 weeks and 9 hours :). I had several nights starting at 38 weeks where I had contractions every 15 minutes for hours on end. Always at night and painful enough to keep me up. I did a lot of midnight movie watching 🙂

    I was only 50% until I was induced, and I was 3 cm for 3 weeks, but my cervix didn’t move forward until right before I delivered Eli. You sound like you are moving along much more quickly!!

  2. Kate, that’s all great news! I’m so excited about your cervical progress and I’m really curious to know what exactly it is you’re doing tonight… I sure wish I could remember! Anyways, I can’t believe your little man could arrive anytime now. So exciting!

  3. Well, since you’re full term and trying to achieve progress in the cervical area, I know what you SHOULD be doing tonight (wink, wink). The last 3 weeks of pregnancy were my husband’s favorite. It wasn’t just sex, it was ripening the cervix 🙂

    It’s so exciting how close you are to meeting your little guy!

  4. I have to admit, when I typed in your blog address this morning I thought to myself “I wonder if Kate had her baby this weekend?!?”

  5. So excited to read about your journey through birthing!!

  6. YAY!

    You must be getting so excited =) I was on pins and needles with anticipation the last week or two before Charlotte’s birth. Enjoy it; you might not miss it when it’s gone (I do, but I’m weird), but once that baby’s out, it’s never just the two of you again.

  7. Oo, oo, I think I figured out what you’re doing! I look forward to details and photos.

  8. Yay!! Very exciting!! Can’t wait to hear what they say on Wednesday!

  9. Good progress for sure! Clint and I have been having playtime too. It hasn’t sent me in to labor, but we are enjoying it! Especially since there will be no play for 6 weeks =(

  10. Yay for progress! I’m now super curious what you’re doing!!!!

  11. Do NOT google “mucus plug pictures.” Don’t do it!!!


    So excited!

  12. Baby dance away! LOL

  13. Oh yeah if you want to have your baby, do what Benjamin was excited about…I went in to labor not 12 hours after that one thing you hinted at!! I couldn’t believe it actually worked. I delivered at 36 weeks and 3 days so we didn’t even want it to happen that early, but I suppose it really does soften that cervix.

    Also, your stomach being upset…I had diarrhea (yeah TMI for sure!) and lost my mucus plug at 36 weeks and 0 days.

    These are ALL BIG BIG BIG time labor signs!!! GET EXCITED to see your baby boy!

  14. oh – so exciting! You’re right, any progress is good progress. I remember that too, having cramping in the night and then it going away when I moved around. They always told me that was key – when the cramps stopped going away as I moved around, then it was the real thing. How right “they” were!

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