He Says… Is He a HE?

As we prepare for the (very soon) arrival of our son, and as I’ve had months to bond with my little boy while he is in utero, I can’t help but wonder, is he a he?

I would say that the answer, likely, is yes.  But we have only had one person, on one occasion tell us that this is so.  Now it was an ultrasound technician who told us this, and not the local fortune teller, but since that 20 week ultrasound, I think we’ve only had one more ultrasound, and it was brief and there was no second look to see what was lurking “down below”.  I imagine the tech got it right as she definitively announced “there’s his penis”, and pointed to something (which looked like nothing really to me), but could it have been something else?  Could it have been my daughter giving a little “thumbs up” between her legs.  Again, not likely, but I have heard stories about people thinking they were getting one gender, then they got the other.  I know the mix-up is most often the other way around, but I’ve heard of both cases (although the one person who recently told us about getting a girl, when expecting a boy, had her child like 20 years ago).

Well, either way, we’ll be thrilled.  As we wrote before, I was somewhat scared about raising a boy, but now that I’ve had months to prepare, I am totally thrilled that he will be a boy.  But if Piccolino turns out to be Piccolina, I will be equally excited.

And she’ll have a nice blue nursery.  And a lot of blue and green clothes.

But that’s just fine.


10 responses to “He Says… Is He a HE?

  1. Girls look great in blue and green. Just add a hair bow to lend that feminine touch and you’re set to go! And you’re right – you’ll love him/her either way 🙂

  2. A totally natural assumption. On our little one I did distinctly see the little weiner so I know for sure we’re having a boy (not to mention the way he made me grow physically and how active he is) but I have heard the tales of incorrect gender diagnosis.

  3. That’s why I didn’t take the tags off or wash anything pink until my baby was born 🙂

  4. Haha… I had the same exact thoughts! There is a guy I work with, he and his wife had a baby a month or two before I did. They’d been told all along that it was a boy…you can guess how this story ends. So in the last few weeks of my pregnancy I started thinking, what if? What if that was the umbilical cord we saw, and not boy parts? (now, mind you, it was VERY CLEAR what we were seeing on the ultrasound) I had to have another u/s at 38 weeks, and I asked them to double check that the baby was “still a boy.” He was, and still is 4 months later. 🙂

    And don’t worry about the clothes. No matter how many you think you have now, you’ll end up buying and being given a ton more, so if he turns out to be a she, there will be plenty of pink. 🙂

  5. I have 4 kids and I thought the same thing each time. But the tech was always right. When my adoptive mother met with my bio mother they went for an ultrasound and the tech was 100% sure I was a boy. Well I wasnt. My parents (all of them lol) were shocked. My mother ran out and bought anything pink. They brought me home to my beautiful sports themed nursery. They were just thrilled I was healthy lol. To this very day my dad will tease me and call me Michael. In a loving way =)

  6. yeah, I’ve heard tales as well. Several from a good friend of mine who was told the incorrect thing for at least two of her four kids, so I understand your concern. But, like you said, you’ll be happy either way I’m sure. At the same time, it would be nice to know for sure wouldn’t it? 🙂

  7. If it’s any consolation, I’ve heard far more horror stories about girls “becoming” boys when they’re born because the weenie was hidden. I’m expecting a girl, and like you would be thrilled with either, but the only downside of technology is you start calling the little one by his/her name, envisioning life with a daughter or son. I’m sure we’ll both get what we’re expecting on the big day, and if not, we can laugh at life’s little surprises!

  8. They are normally right aren’t they? although there are stories w/ mistakes, but I gotta figure if they saw a pee pee then it’s a boy..lol I feel like it could always be hiding if they say girl, but if they saw it it’s totally a boy!

  9. I just had my 20 week scan done and my baby was being difficult to get a good picture and the tech was like umm I think it is a girl!! I was like ok 50/50 chance here!

  10. Typically when U/S technicians are wrong, it’s because they didn’t see a penis, so they assumed “girl.” The problem with this is that girls do have girl parts, so technicians should be looking for those! After all, a girl is more than just the absence of boy parts, isn’t she?

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