She Says… 37 Weeks

To my littlest love,

WE MADE IT! You are officially full term this week. And what does that mean? You’re fully grown (the size of a watermelon — whoa!) and ready to pop out anytime now. As we’ve previously discussed, I would really like for that arrival to happen sooner rather than later (and I have a gut feeling it is going to), but you just let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll be ready too. Daddy is going out of town tomorrow night for work, so stay put until he gets back, ok? Anytime after that, though, is fair game. I’m packing our bags this weekend and we’ll be ready for you.

I can definitely feel your recent growth and position changes. Although I can’t be sure, I am fairly certain you have begun to “engage” in your take-off position. I feel immense pressure in my pelvis when I walk now, and can’t go more than 45 minutes without a bathroom stop if I’m standing up. My ab muscles are officially not strong enough to pull myself into a sitting position from lying down, and even getting out of a chair makes me sigh/groan loudly without meaning to. Also, I’m just not sure you can get any bigger in there, because I’m not sure my stomach can stretch any more! We shall see, though… so far my body has done some amazing things, and it’s about to do the most amazing thing of all when I give birth to you.

This week you are kind of just hanging out in there. You’re fully grown and fully developed, just working on fattening up. You’re getting your first sticky poop (called meconium) ready, and brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (you’re getting so strong!). This week I am training my replacement at work and wrapping up the projects I’ve been trying to do for your nursery (hanging artwork, finishing a handmade mobile, putting away all of your tiny clothes, etc.). I’m also trying to stay inside in the air conditioning as much as possible — there’s an AWFUL heat wave here in Boston with about 900% humidity every day. That does NOT make for a very pleasant pregnant lady!

Despite the heat and the stretched belly, I have not yet hit that “I’m so done with being pregnant” stage. I’m still so happy to waddle around with you safely in my tummy. I love you so much.



8 responses to “She Says… 37 Weeks

  1. Enjoy the last few weeks! I was sure I was going to be early, too… same pressure feelings, 50% effaced, etc. And then, I was a full week late. I definitely hit that “done with being pregnant” stage at week 40… when I could no longer walk down my driveway without intense pressure and was having contractions every couple of hours. For 5 days. Fun. 🙂

    I pray for you that your bundle comes soon & safely!!

  2. Tons of love and support coming from VA!

  3. I’m same as you and Casey on the “positive I was going to be early” thing. LOL. I guess my “mother’s intuition” must not be tuned in correctly because I’m sitting here past due date now. It is good to hear you aren’t “done with being pregnant”; I feel the same way and am lucky to not have yet hit the wall.

    HAPPY 37 WEEKS!!!

  4. Congratulations Kate! You have done such a great job! You are almost there!

  5. Congrats on 37 weeks!! You’re almost to the finish line. Hopefully you won’t be in labor at work like I was 🙂

    For packing…
    I received advice to bring my Boppy to the hospital, but leave it in the car…just to sit on during the ride home. I was VERY glad I had it. The bumps were pretty rough, esp since I was sitting in the back next to Liam. If not that, you might want to have something in the car for extra cushion!

  6. It’s so exciting to know that the little one could be arriving SAFELY at any time now! It sure would be nice if they sent us a memo letting us know about when that might take place, so we could really prepare! Congrats on full-term!

  7. Congrats on making it so well! I’m almost at 33 and I can’t wait to have my little babe. I understand how you’re feeing though I haven’t had any swelling yet I just feel pretty big!

  8. oh congrats! Isn’t that just the best feeling? Now you can relax a bit and know that just about any time would be great. 🙂

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