Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

She Says… Packing THE Bag

Well folks, I think it’s time. Time to pack that bag for the hospital. No, nothing new has happened… my water hasn’t broken or anything like that. I just feel all of these little tiny symptoms building up like something is going to happen. And the planner in me will practically squeeze my legs together to hold this baby inside if I feel like I’m not ready yet. And since I know that won’t work for very long, my other option is to get ready. NOW.

I’ve been thinking about packing my bag since we took childbirth class. It always seemed so exciting, like, as soon as you pack the bag, you have to grab it and run to the hospital in a panic. But in reality, it sounds like everything takes so darn long with labor that I would have time to pack the bag even after going into labor if I needed it. In any case, I’d like to have it as packed as possible so I can feel like I’ve done everything I can to prepare for the big day. There are all kinds of lists online telling you what to pack. But why is it they all sound like they were written ages ago? They list things like film (whose camera uses film anymore?), a list of addresses and stamps so I can send letters announcing the birth of our child (I think our first birth announcement will be on the blog, maybe Twitter, and then definitely Facebook… the paper birth announcements will not be sent from the hospital!), and curlers for my hair (for going home, of course!).

I feel like if I grabbed my purse, the car seat, an outfit for the baby and our camera, we’d have everything we need. Really.

Am I being crazy? What were the things you WISH you had packed in that bag? What things did you bring that you really didn’t need? Help a sister out — let’s make a modern day list of what to bring to the hospital!

I’m thinking:

  • Camera and charger
  • Cell Phone and charger
  • Laptop (so we can blog for you!)
  • iPod and speakers if we want to play music?
  • Nightgowns/pajamas for me
  • Socks/slippers for me
  • Going home outfit for the little guy
  • Comfy clothes for Benjamin?
  • Bathing suit for the shower/tub
  • Travel-sized shower stuff
  • Makeup
  • Nursing bras/tank tops
  • Books/notes from childbirth class
  • Car seat (in the car… not the bag!)

The hospital birthing rooms have tubs, showers, and exercise balls. I assume they have pillows and washcloths and cups for ice and things like that (which I’ve seen on a lot of lists online, but seems silly to bring with me). What am I missing?