Daily Archives: July 12, 2010

She Says… She Works Hard for the Money

https://i2.wp.com/3.bp.blogspot.com/_S3l1HiYOAZg/SiZP1AOGTiI/AAAAAAAAAGU/eeeVRpddGAA/s400/working+women.jpgI am very, very lucky to work in a job where I can work from home. For the last three weeks I have taken advantage of that perk almost every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working very hard, but eliminating my 45 minute commute in the heat wave has made me SO MUCH happier. Plus, I can walk our dog at lunch time and we don’t have to pay the dog walker. Score! However, last week the temp who is going to cover my responsibilities while I am on maternity leave started. And I have to train her. In person. Which means I went into work for some of last week and I have to go in all of this week.

My wonderful husband has offered to drive me all the way to work (instead of driving me to the subway or making me walk, which is what I normally do), since I told him how uncomfortable I get standing around on the platform and riding the train if no one gives me a seat. Even if they do give me a seat, the temperature is borderline unbearable and I have a constant fear that we’re going to get stuck in a tunnel somewhere and I won’t be able to get off to pee. I think he has an ulterior motive, though — less stress and less exercise for me means less of a chance this baby will come this week!

So my morning commute is lovely, sitting in the air conditioning of the car and spending a little more time with Benjamin. But once I get to work, I barely sit down. I’m talking to people all day and running up and down the halls (half the time headed to/from the bathroom). It’s tiring! And I am getting a little tired of everyone saying, “Oh my, you’re so big! When are you due? Counting down the days, huh? Must be soon! When are you going to stop working?“. And on and on. My plan all along has been to work right up until the baby comes in order to maximize my paid maternity leave before I take unpaid time. When thinking about how these last few weeks would go, it felt like a waste to have days off of work before the baby comes, and possibly use up a chunk of my maternity leave twiddling my thumbs before he arrives. But you know what? I think I’ve changed my mind. I would LOVE to stop working now. I would LOVE to spend my days running the last of the errands I want to run. I would LOVE to have the time to pack my hospital bag and hang art in the nursery and vacuum every square inch of our house. Oh, and rest. Right. That’s what everyone says I should be doing now — resting.

For those who have taken maternity leave, did you work up until the baby popped out, or did you stop working before your due date? For those who haven’t yet taken a maternity leave, what do you think you’ll want to do?