She Says… Maternity Photos: Revealed

A few weeks ago Benjamin and I spent the day with our friend Katie Ring (of Katie Ring Images) taking some maternity photos. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the shoot. I am used to being the subject of Benjamin’s photos (he works in video production and is an avid still photographer), but he prefers candids, and I had never really been in a studio setting before. I was excited about getting some frameable photos with both me and Benjamin, which rarely happens since he’s always behind the camera, but I was also a bit nervous that I wouldn’t know how to pose or what kinds of faces to make. Or worse yet, that I would hate the photos!

Lucky for me, there was really nothing at all to worry about. Katie was a professional from the moment we walked in the door. She had a small area of her studio set up for us, and we all brainstormed together about what kinds of shots we had in mind. We started simple (the classic “hands make a heart over the belly” shot, below) and graduated into new outfits and new poses (see the one with Benjamin’s face next to my belly, below). We got so comfortable that I even took some lingerie shots (not blog-appropriate — sorry!) and even a few tastefully naked photos. I never imagined my belly could look quite so beautiful.

Then we ventured outside to a nearby park to take some more “engagement-style” photos. These were really fun. Benjamin and I never did engagement photos when we got married, but I often wish that we had more photos of the two of us, so I was really excited at what Katie was able to capture. The day was pretty hot and humid, but Katie is such a talented photographer that you don’t see our sweaty faces or frizzy hair.

Finally, I publicly bared my belly in the (chilly!) ocean for the sake of some bikini shots. Believe me, I’ve never been so comfortable or happy to pose for a camera in a bathing suit! I was lovin’ my belly and I’m so glad we took the plunge (literally and figuratively!) to get these shots. I think the green bikini shot is my favorite one of the whole day.

All in all I think taking maternity photos was an incredible way to celebrate my changing body and capture this very special moment in time. A HUGE thank you to Katie for taking the time and energy to get some creative and wonderful photos. Katie’s changing the focus of her photography business to be less weddings and more maternity/baby/family-focused, so if anyone’s looking for a photographer in the New England area, check her out!

If you want to see the rest, click this link to see a slideshow of the best photos we got.

All of these photos are copyright Katie Ring Images 2010.


32 responses to “She Says… Maternity Photos: Revealed

  1. You look beautiful!! You will treasure these forever, your friend did an awesome job!

  2. Kate,

    Thank you for writing such a nice blog – and for including the links to my site! I’m so happy that you & Ben enjoyed the experience and are loving your photos. 🙂


  3. jeneandliss

    You look gorgeous, and the photos feel so happy and relaxed. They made me smile!

  4. Those pictures are to die for! She did an awesome job but it definitely helped to have such photogenic subjects! You look beyond great!

  5. Beautiful photos!!! I love the pics in the water–so peaceful and relaxed!

    Maternity photos are such a great way to celebrate pregnancy… I’m glad yours turned out so well.

  6. You look beautiful!!! I love the shots and it is motivating me to go ahead and get mine done. She did an amazing job and you have a gorgeous pregnant body. You should be proud!!!

    (I love the blue bow on the belly shot)

  7. KATE!!! You couldn’t be more beautiful… pregnancy looks GREAT on you! I know that you’ll cherish these pics. Hang in there Hot Mama– only 5 more weeks to go!!

  8. These are awesome!!! In the green bikini one you have such a knowing look on your face like, “I’m meant to be a mama.” LOVE IT.

  9. Love all the shots, but the one with Schnitzel is my fave! I keep telling my husband I want a belly shot with my dog…this is inspiration 🙂 Nice of you to share.

  10. The pictures are beautiful!!! You look so beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see my belly grow so I can take pictures too!

  11. Wow – you look fabulous! really good! The pictures are so nice. The nude is very classy – very well done, and the one of you both in white, looking at each other is adorable! (I have that same Victoria’s Secret nightgown, but in peach!)

  12. you. look. stunning. it actually brought tears to my eyes. we are due in october and i have been strongly considering doing something of this sort, i think you just sealed the deal for me. that nude photo is…just…beauty. beauty. how you will cherish those forever. and what a special memory to make as a couple!

    thank you for sharing this journey, so candidly. you have helped a hormonal near-mommy through many “am i goinig crazy?!?!?” moments. such a bond us to-be mommies can make, without ever having met.

  13. I love the one with your pup! Actually, I love all of them. So gorgeous!

  14. You are so beautiful! These are some amazing photos. I love the bikini shots, you look so happy and proud! Congrats!!!

  15. Oh goodness! Such beautiful pictures. I’m sure you will cherish them for a life time. You look so content and happy 🙂

  16. I love the one with the doggie! So cute!

  17. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these. You both look so happy you glow!!!

  18. Wow, these are just SO cute, I love them. It’s great that you are so happy and proud of your baby belly 🙂 I’m so excited for you, you’re getting close!

  19. Wow you are glowing!! I can’t wait for the baby to arrive (and find out it’s name :)).

  20. Truly awesome photos!

  21. Love these! Every one of them is perfect!

  22. Your pictures look great! I love the one with your dog :). That is a great idea! The bikini shots look fabulous; you are a brave soul!

  23. Beautiful…these pictures look so amazing, and I see all the love in your eyes!!!

  24. Gorgeous! You’re so brave! Maybe I’ll be that brave but I’m not sure though!

  25. Soooo beautiful.

    And I think I have that same bikini. 🙂 I do not look nearly as cute in it.

  26. You look incredible. Almost makes me want to be pregnant again. Almost.

  27. Kate, they couldn’t have possibly turned out better. LOOK at YOU! You are radiant, beautiful and a healthy happy mom to be!!

    I finally got my confirmation for my shoot for next Sunday, so fingers crossed they turn out half as beautiful as yours 🙂

  28. You look AMAZING!! The one with your dog is just adorable. Your nude portrait is also very beautiful. Aside from the swelling (I totally feel you on that right now), don’t you just love your pregnant body? They should make monuments in honor of our bodies and abilities as women and mothers.

  29. Wow – you look gorgeous! Truly glowing and beautiful, I’m so glad you got lots of pictures done while pregnant – you’ll be so glad you have those for years to come!

  30. Your picture are gorgeous!! I like the black + white bikini one the best 🙂

  31. I ran across your website when looking up nursery ideas. I love your pregnancy photos and your confidence! Do you remember where you found your green bikini? Was it maternity or regular sized? Thanks!!

  32. @Kate, Thank you! The bikini was actually a regular sized Old Navy bikini. The bottoms were stretched out from going in the dryer once upon a time (ha!) but honestly a regular bikini would have fit me just fine at that point.

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