Daily Archives: June 30, 2010

She Says… 35 Weeks

To my little sweet pea,

We are a few short weeks away from meeting each other face-to-face. Some days I think it might be only hours away. Yesterday from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep I was more uncomfortable than ever before. My feet were puffy, my stomach muscles seemed to cringe at every movement, I was a million degrees and I felt all crampy and emotional. I’m hoping it was an aberration, however, because 5 more weeks of that would be exhausting. This morning I feel a bit better and the weather is more comfortable, which I think played into my discomfort quite a bit yesterday. Mama’s not good at being very hot (except when poolside!).

On Monday I went to my weekly strength training class at the gym with Daddy and realized it might be my last time until after you are born. Next Monday is the 4th of July (observed) and the following week I will be 37 weeks. Daddy thinks that should be my cutoff at the gym, since I’m starting to get some stares when I walk in with my gigantic belly. We’ve started to joke that one of these days they’re not going to let me in because I might on into labor on one of the machines. People look at me and guess that I am due tomorrow, not in 5 weeks, which I think says something about how big I am right now!

This week you are putting on the finishing touches of your development, my little mini-masterpiece. Most of that is just packing on the pounds at this point. You weigh about 5 1/2 pounds and are over 18 inches long at this point! Your liver has begun processing waste products and your nails are growing so long they may curl over the tips of your tiny fingers and toes when you’re born. And you’ve completely taken over my body — over the past few months, you’ve squished all of my organs out of the way, and any day now, you’ll make a final move and shove my heart up and to the left to make more room for yourself. I don’t really mind, but you have been making my tummy feel the burn, stretching over your kicks and jabs. You are so active in there sometimes I wonder when you sleep!

Things are slowly falling into place around the house. Your nursery is coming along and I washed the first load of all of your teeny tiny baby clothes last night. I can’t believe it’s already time to do all of these things. I’m working on hanging artwork in your room and researching the best products we’ll need soon like diapers and wipes and creams and lotions and bottles and pacifiers, etc. I now realize why some women choose to stop working before their due date… although it takes a chunk out of your maternity leave, you have the TIME to comfortably get all of these little To Do’s done before D day (delivery day!). I’m sure we will get them all done too, but it’s beginning to feel like a mad dash in the last few weeks.

I love you, little one, despite the cramps and aches and pains that are slowly but surely coming on. I cherish these last few weeks of having you in my tummy, and can’t wait to see your little face very soon.

All the love in my (squished up and displaced) heart,