She Says… Weekend Away and Swelling, Swelling, Swelling

This past weekend we packed our overnight bags and headed to Nantucket for a few days to relax with some friends. It was a perfect weekend getaway filled with beach time, great food, and indulgences like extra slices of blueberry piece with ice cream and buying little baby onesies with whales on them 🙂

Our friends have a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old, and we had a blast hanging out with them. Benjamin especially totally adored their 2 1/2 year old daughter. They were so cute together playing on the playground, making up little games and talking together. He is ready to skip the infant stage and would rather I just pop out a toddler! While I agree that two year olds are perhaps more fun and interactive than newborns, I’m so excited about having a little teeny tiny baby in my arms in just a few short weeks. I am glad you get a few years to prepare for those toddler days.

The only downside to our little vacay? SWELLING. My feet/ankles swelling continue to be pretty much the only pregnancy side effect that I have to complain about. But what used to be a little puffiness around my ankles after a day of too much walking is now full-on cankles stretching my skin to the point of discomfort. Every. Single. Day. I feel like I might get stretch marks from swelling rather than carrying this baby around in my stomach! It’s still nothing to worry about, as my doctor has assured me that since my blood pressure is so low, the swelling is not a problem, just an inconvenience. I’m sure it’s directly related to the heat and the fact that I almost NEVER take the time to put my feet up or lay on my left side during the day. But walking on pincushions is not so comfy, people! Gross.

For your viewing pleasure... what my feet look like right now. At 11:00am. Sitting in air conditioning. They do NOT normally look like this!

Believe me, I know that I am still incredibly lucky if this is all I have to complain about, and that I’m still feeling well enough to go to the beach at almost 35 weeks. I can deal with some puffy feet for a few weeks! But man, it is getting a little harder to walk with the swollen joints. Thank goodness I took my rings off a few weeks ago, or this weekend we may have had to make a detour to have them cut off. Yikes!

Any suggestions for relieving swelling? Doc says propping my feet up above my heart and laying on my left side. However, neither of those suggestions are very conducive to working full time or an active lifestyle. Any other tips?


23 responses to “She Says… Weekend Away and Swelling, Swelling, Swelling

  1. So that’s what I have to look forward to, eh? Hang in there…

  2. EEK! I think I may have gotten lucky in that department. (Its been in the 90s here and we dont have airconditioning…I’m amazed my tennis shoes still fit and I can still wear my ring at 38 weeks while being very active). GOOD LUCK and I hope some of it subsides now that you are back at home.

  3. When you fall asleep, prop them up like they recommend. It has them up for a while and I noticed that instead of getting swollen by noon, it helped me last a couple hours longer. By the time it’s 2 o’clock, you only have a few hours until you get home and can prop them up then while your husband’s cooking you dinner! haha!

  4. Hey Kate. If you can … come home from work and do the lay on your left side thing. That’s the only thing that workd for me. I haven’t had any this time but I’m also always down and rarely in the heat. I’m also early so we’ll see but fingers crossed! I’m sure you are drinking lots of water but that helps as well. Your active life might need to slow down a bit for the next few weeks … it will get worse and more uncomfortable if you don’t take it easy.
    Take care!

  5. My feet looked like this too and my blood pressure was low too, so the I just had to suffer. At the end (I was 2 weeks overdue) the only shoes I could wear were these plastic Nike sandals that I think I got in middle school…and only because they had velcro and adjusted.
    My baby is 7 1/2 weeks old and here is my swollen update: feet swelling went down almost immediately but I’m still about a 1/2 size bigger, but hoping that is still going away. I still can’t wear my wedding rings, but was told that it might take a couple of months for everything to be back to normal so I haven’t gotten them stretched to a bigger size yet. I miss them though!
    Good luck!! I kept getting pedicures and when they massaged my feet it helped the swelling to go down a little, for about the rest of the day.

  6. Oh, you poor thing! I remember going to a movie once, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, and it was a bit warm in there. I could feel my feet swelling in my shoes!! It was pretty freaky feeling. You probably should slow down, I know you work, but your really should just keep you feet up like the doc says.

  7. It sounds like you had a great trip!

    I can totally relate to you on the swelling, mine is out of control as well!! I have found that using ice packs while elevating them before bed really helps. I also propped them up super high last night(like 3 pillows high)while I was sleeping(and slept on my left side) and they looked so much better this morning.

    Good luck, I definitely can relate to how you feel for sure and at least their is an end in sight! 🙂

  8. Hi Kate!
    I know its summer there, but using compression pantyhoses a few hours a day may help!

  9. My doc suggested the same things you’ve been doing as well as drinking plenty of water and watching my salt intake. Those look like some painful little toesies you have there!

    I can’t believe how close you are now!!! Glad you got to get away for the weekend and enjoy the beach. Sounds relaxing!

  10. Oh I feel for you…I had the same swelling problem towards the end of my pregnancy with my son. Unfortunately with working all day it’s hard to prop your feet up but I did put something under my desk to try. When I came home I would put my feet up right away and try and stay still for a while. Also (which I think you already do), guzzle the water like crazy.

    Can’t believe you’re so close!

  11. It seems like it’s something that is either going to happen or it’s not and not much you can do about it eh? I put my rings on this morning but they felt a little snug and I thought about you and what that nurse person said and I put them right back! I think they definitely should stay away now until after baby comes. So far my feet are ok, but girl, I am UNCOMFORTABLE everywhere else! I grunt every time I move! lol

  12. Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I hope you find something that works out well. Maybe lower your salt intake? Or dry brush daily, that really helps fluids get back into circulation through your blood stream and lymph nodes so that it can filter through your kidneys and be gone!

    I’m sure this is what I’ll be looking forward to soon:)

  13. Lots and lots of B6 and protein!

  14. Oh one more thing I have done that seems to help. Stretching your heels out so you are flexing your calves, wigglings your toes and pointing your toes and drawing circles in the air all really seem to help with increasing the blood flow and circulation.

  15. That’s what my feet look like when I fly! I already have wide feet to begin with so it’s tight fit when I have to put on my shoes and walk off the plane 🙂

  16. You poor thing! That must be so uncomfortable! How can you even walk? This is why I’d be so nervous about being pregnant during the summer months!

  17. Ohhh, Kate! You poor thing! My feet have started to swell (29 weeks tomorrow) and I know that they are going to get BAD over the next 11 weeks! Lucky me though, I’m done with work and can prop them up and stay cool! Hang in there!

  18. I’m going to tell you what we tell all of our pregnant patients. You need to be wearing support hose every single day. Support hose allow for proper venous return. Put the hose on BEFORE you ever get out of bed and take them off only after you lie down.

  19. So I got home from work today and was showing my hubby my unilateral cankle, amazed at how out of nowhere it appears! Then, I come to see your hilarious photo and I showed him and we had to laugh. We are foot/ankle twins, except mine has chosen to affect the right and not the left. Weird! I’m off to prop up the feet and I’ve read all the tips above (thanks!). You’re lucky though….5 or so weeks for you, 9 for me. ufda!
    I always think it feels like trying to stuff pillows into my shoes, right?! 🙂

  20. pretty much just what the doctor recommended. I slept with mine propped up a bit. Then again my head was propped up to because of the heartburn. I ended up just sleeping in a recliner because it was easier. 🙂

  21. Thank you, everyone! I really, really appreciate the suggestions and the commiserating 🙂 I think it’s a cross I have to bear, thanks to a freakin’ hot summer pregnancy, but I will definitely try to prop them up more often and lay down once in awhile. And hey, I might even invest in some super-sexy compression hose. Benjamin would love that!

  22. yeah, compression hose. worked for me – didn’t completely alleviate the swelling, but it was definitely better than without. I also had one leg with much worse swelling than the other. Weird.

  23. I am so sorry! I had the WORST swelling with my last baby! The best I found was cold rice packs or even cold wash cloths at the end of the day! It really didn’t make a difference in size, it just felt better. Good luck!

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