She Says… Nursery Progress!

Guess what we did this weekend?

That’s right. Turned our (well, my) pink office into a blue nursery (trust me, we’re not really that gender-biased, the blue just happened to match the bedding I designed!).

I agonized over the color and took my fabric swatches everywhere with me for the last few weeks, comparing paint chip after paint chip. Finally ended up with my very first pick (as usual!), which was Benjamin Moore’s Misty Blue. It’s part of Pottery Barn’s Benjamin Moore line. It’s the perfect blue — not too bright, not too dull, not too pastel or too bold. It looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I can’t stop drooling. Normally Benjamin and I are diehard Home Depot shoppers, and have used Behr paint in every other room we’ve painted (which is every room in our house), but since I’m busy growing a little baby who probably doesn’t want to breathe in VOC’s and other harmful chemicals, we bit the bullet and went for Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint (zero VOC’s). It’s expensive, but well worth it, since it went on thick and even, and I was able to help paint!

And the best part? With a little teamwork, we did it in one day (yay!), which left us a day to do something else that I’ve been anxiously waiting to do… OUR MATERNITY PHOTO SHOOT! More to come on that tomorrow.


15 responses to “She Says… Nursery Progress!

  1. The color is really fabulous! It doesn’t scream boy either. No VOC paints are the best–we used it when we were getting our house in Texas ready to sell. It was such a relief not having to leave the house while we were fixing it up. Great work!

  2. It looks great!!! This week I start on mine and I’ve been stressing about it forever so it’ll be good for my mind to get going.

    I can’t WAIT to see your maternity photos!!

  3. Great Job!! The video is so fun!

  4. Love the video and the color!

  5. The time-lapse video is hilarious! Wish I had done the same when painting ours this weekend. 🙂

  6. That is an adorable video!! Love the color!!

  7. That video was the cutest thing! I love how your puppy came in at the end. 🙂

  8. OMG, I love your little video!!! Could you guys be any cuter? I don’t think so.

    The blue is absolutely dreamy and I can’t wait to see the nursery come together with your furniture and bedding. Looks great!!

  9. Love love love love love the video!!!

  10. What a great idea to take the time lapse! Looks like it turned out really well and I can’t wait to hear about the photo shoot.

  11. Love the video!!!!

  12. That video is so totally adorable! We haven’t even started the nursery yet but we’re a good 6 weeks behind you guys so I guess we have time. Good luck in your last few weeks and keep up the good baby-growing work!

  13. I love the video! The paint color looks great too.
    You are getting close!!!

  14. Cute cute cute video!!

  15. AWESOME! It looks beautiful and that video is so cool (how did you do time lapse, so fun!). Can’t wait to see finished pictures of the nursery!

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