He Says… Four Years

Today is Kate’s and my four year wedding anniversary.  On the one hand it is hard to imagine how quickly it’s passed, but on the other hand I feel like we have done a lifetime of things together.  I was just looking back on the post I wrote a year ago, when we were in the midst of still trying to figure out how to conceive a child.  Amazing how much has changed in a year and we are now less than 2 months away from meeting our son that is (not so quietly) residing in Kate’s stomach.  Anyway she asked me to blog today and not make a cheesy, sappy post (like I often do) so I’ll keep all the lovey-dovey stuff brief.  Happy Anniversary, my darling; I love you more than words and can’t imagine going through this adventure with anyone else.

In other news, we have a big weekend ahead of us with a 2-day, 14-hour childbirth class.  To be honest, I can think of more fun things to do on a weekend so I am not entirely looking forward to it.  That said, I will try to be a good student and pay attention as I imagine there is some useful stuff for us to learn.  I do sort of feel like Kate reads up on so many things, baby and birth related, and since the birthing process relies more on her abilities than mine, that she (especially) will feel like the class is very redundant.  We’ll see.  Still it will be nice to have a weekend together to hang out, just the two of us (plus a bunch of other pregnant couples in our class).

Hopefully we can go get some of the painting supplies and possibly start priming the nursery this weekend.  I am starting to feel a little stressed about all we have to do before the big day.  We still need to paint and and assemble the nursery, buy a new car, do some fixes to our house that we said we’d do before the baby arrived, and I have a ton of work over the next 5 weeks.  I know we’ll get it done, but it is starting to feel like a lot.  I am optimistically hoping that once the baby arrives we’ll have a few weeks of more low-key time at home, just the three of us, when we only have one thing to focus on.  I know that will bring it’s own stresses with it, but I think it will be very enjoyable, none the less.

Anyway, Happy 4 Years, my honey!


9 responses to “He Says… Four Years

  1. You two are just precious– Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Oh my gosh we got married 6/10/2006 too!! TOO COOL!!!! HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!

    And have fun at that class; I couldn’t imagine being there that long. I stiffen up big time when sitting long. 3 hours at a time was torturous (I know you are doing the weekend thing because of travels; same deal here but weekends were out so I had to go to 50% of the classes alone so maybe that made it even more torturous).

    Happy 4 year and next year both you guys and we will have a baby boy to celebrate 5 years with 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary!!! Your wedding pictures are so beautiful. Of course, I think you’re even more beautiful now that you’re pregnant.

    We have an ever-increasing list of things to do before this 3rd person arrives too, so don’t feel bad. It will get done!

  4. Happy anniversary!

  5. Hey, just found yall through some good ‘ol fashioned blog stalking! Happy anniversary!

    I’m a few weeks behind you– 26 weeks on Sunday. And we are also slowly tackling our to-do list. It’s like climbing a freaking mountain… one step at a time! Good luck!

  6. Gorgeous wedding pics!!!

    As far as the new car, make sure you make sure the carseat(s) you’re thinking of will fit. We bought a BMW station wagon only to find out that we cannot have a rearfacing carseat behind the driver because it just doesn’t fit. We wanted to keep #1 rearfacing when #2 arrived (based on the AAP recommendation of keeping rearfacing until two years), but it was impossible.

  7. Happy anniversary!

    Your dress is GORGEOUS and you looked so young and fresh … not that you look old and unfresh now, but you know what I mean? Maybe? Anyway. You looked beautiful then & you look beautiful now. There. That fixed it. I think.

  8. i LOVE the umbrellas! what a great idea

    good luck with the class and with painting!

  9. awww… sorry this is late, but happy anniversary to you too! There’s nothing like a wedding with great wedding pictures. 🙂

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