He Says… In Dreams

So the last couple nights I have had dreams about Piccolino’s birth.  I think this is the first time I have had any baby related dreams, and I am sure it is because we are in the final countdown until the big day.  My dreams have been kind of strange so far, so you psychology people can try to interpret them.

The first dream was that I was in the parking garage at the hospital.  I was with someone, but I am not sure who.  Kate was in the hospital and I had missed the birth, but I think that was by design, like I wasn’t supposed to be there or something.  And across the garage I saw a nurse carrying our baby towards the elevator to go bring the baby to Kate.  I think Kate hadn’t even seen the baby, and I thought that I shouldn’t go see our baby first, because Kate should be the first one to see him.  It was as if the baby was being delivered to her.  In the context of the dream, this all seemed normal, although I am glad that it doesn’t work out that way in real life.

The second dream was much less involved.  We had had the baby (and I think I was there for the whole birth) and we were in the hospital with him and it had been a day or so since he was born and we realized we had not called any of our parents to tell them we had the baby.  That was it but I started to panic about that.

That same night I had another dream that I was at a friend’s wedding (which is next weekend and I am a groomsmen) and it was five minutes before the wedding and I hadn’t gotten dressed and I realized I had no shirt or shoes.

So maybe I am just anxious about everything that is about to change in my life.  But very excited too.

One response to “He Says… In Dreams

  1. The last dream sounds like my recurring one. Anxiety about not being prepared, if you ask me…

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