She Says… A Baby Shower!

On Sunday my dear friend Kate organized my baby shower! I was so, so excited. I haven’t been to that many baby showers, but I love them. I love the cute, little favors and coordinated paper plates, the pastel wrapping paper and, of course, the cake 🙂 We had about 15 people come, which turned out to be the perfect group.

My favorite ladies from various stages of my life (from my mom to college friends to Benjamin’s family) all gathered in one room and we ate and laughed and opened presents. Well, we all ate and laughed, and I opened presents. Lots of them! Everyone was so thoughtful and generous, and I didn’t get a single gift that I want to return.

I was in an a cappella group in college, and many of the girls from that group are my closest girlfriends today. A group of us who live in Boston get together regularly to chat and sing (recently it’s been a lot more chatting and a lot less singing). But at my mom’s request, we got up and sang an impromptu version of “On Children“, which is a poem by Kahlil Gibran (with beautiful, poignant words for this occasion) set to music. I took one look at my teary-eyed Mama after we sang and burst into tears myself.


Our little boy is joining such an amazing group of friends and family; he is very, very lucky. It was a perfect day! A huge thank you to everyone who was involved and celebrated with us.

Among other things, Piccolino got some board books (thank you Emily and Aunt Lisa!)…


And (perhaps the cutest gift of all) a tuxedo onesie from Aunt Kim to wear to Aunt Ginger’s wedding three weeks after his due date!

And finally, anyone who read Benjamin’s post about registering at Babies R’ Us knows how hilarious he thinks “My Brest Friend” is. And guess what we got (also from Aunt Kim, who knew Benjamin would get a kick out of it!)? He wears it well, no?

Other all-star gifts included a carseat and extra base (from Benjamin’s mom and stepdad), a diaper bag, along with a VERY handy list of what to remember to put in it (from Erin, a new mom), the softest baby blanket in the world (hand-knitted by my friend Lindsey) and many, many other adorable items. Oh, and THE CAKE. It was quite possibly the BEST cake I have had in my whole life. Moist, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Thank goodness I had my gestational diabetes test BEFORE enjoying a big slice!

Another milestone down. Now on to all those thank you notes I have to write…


13 responses to “She Says… A Baby Shower!

  1. Baby showers really are fun–I’m glad you had a good time at yours!

  2. What fun! Where did you get your dress? It is so cute!

  3. Abbey, Thank you! It’s from Old Navy — my go-to place for affordable maternity clothes 🙂

  4. I second the cute dress comment. You are such a well dressed mom-to-be!

  5. I love your dress; you look so cute!

  6. You look great and really do have the “pregnancy glow”. Glad you had a great shower. I’m starting to get really excited about mine now!

  7. You are GLOWING! Congrats! How fun.
    Now I want cake 🙂

  8. cookeatburn

    I know I’m repeating everyone else but you look so gorgeous and glowing in these pictures! 🙂

  9. I loved the My Brest Friend. Such a bad name for such a great product! It was so helpful, especially during the early days when breastfeeding isn’t second nature yet. I used mine until I weaned L at 13 months.

  10. You look great- as everyone else has said. 🙂 I love your baby bump!!!

    I love baby showers, too! I am going to one in a couple weeks and am so excited. I will have to look up this “my brest friend” thing. I am somewhat curious.

  11. You look great!!!

  12. Congrats on your baby shower! It looks like you guys had a blast and and you received some wonderful gifts. I wish you all the best as you continue this incredible journey.

  13. That onesie is so adorable! You look great too!

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