She Says: Project Nursery, Part 2

It’s here! It’s here! I’ve been watching my mail every day, waiting for my custom baby bedding to arrive. And yesterday, it finally did!
As I’ve said before, I love, love, love interior design. And I’ve been dreaming of decorating a nursery as long as some girls dream about their wedding day. Everything about nursery design is just so precious. So, needless to say, I was thrilled when I began to design my own. However, I quickly realized (much like I did when I planned my wedding), that the disappointing part about actually getting to create a nursery (or a wedding) is that you have to choose between all the amazing ideas. You can only have one bedding set, one crib, one window treatment. I guess I’ll just have to have more babies so I can use some of my other design concepts 🙂
I scoured the web for the perfect baby bedding. I searched Amazon until my fingers hurt. I mixed-and-matched Pottery Barn pieces in my head and drooled over gorgeous and way-too-expensive luxe designs. I envisioned Target pieces interspersed with homemade elements and every combination in between. But nothing seemed quite right. The colors were slightly off, or the designs to cutesy, or the sets too matchy-matchy. I wanted modern prints, a bold palette and a color scheme that could work well for my son and my home for years to come. So then I started thinking, “Hey, I should just MAKE exactly what I want”. Unfortunately I am not a seamstress. I am very crafty, and have even made an impressive set of no-sew curtains (if I do say so myself) with my trusty glue gun, but I didn’t think hot glue was really acceptable for my baby’s first bedding.
So I went to my favorite source for art made by people who do what I would love to be able to do, better than I could ever do it: Etsy. Lo and behold, Etsy had many, many sellers ready and waiting to sew the perfect custom bedding according to my design. Score! I agonized over fabrics and sellers and combinations of the two, and finally settled on Wild Honey Pie. I picked the fabric and the pieces that I wanted (I didn’t get her advertised 4-piece set, because I knew that I wouldn’t really use the crib blanket all that much, since they are not safe for infants). Here’s what I got:

Bumper (one size zoo print, one side polka dots)

Padded bumpers. First things first, please do not comment and tell me how unsafe bumpers are. I realize there will be some time that I will need to remove them from the crib due to risk of suffocation. I will do my research and follow my pediatrician’s guidelines. I still ordered them because I love them. They are Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric on one side, and Amy Butler Green Dot fabric on the other, with green dot ties.

Crib Skirt

Crib Skirt. Apparently I should have ironed it before I photographed 🙂 Zoo fabric on top with green dot trim. Wild Honey Pie did a great job, it looks adorable.

Changing Pad Cover

Changing Pad Cover. Just for a little coordination across the room, a cover for the changing pad that will go on the changing table. Love polka dots, and this green is the perfect shade.

Crib Sheet (the softest fabric you've EVER felt)

Crib Sheet. And finally, a white minky dot crib sheet. I debated spending a little extra to have her make a crib sheet, since I know they get dirty and need to be changed so often. But this minky dot fabric is so soft it feels like a cloud, and I couldn’t resist. Also, the dots give a little nod to the polka dots, and I loved the way it added a new texture/pattern without making the set seem too  busy. I plan on getting a bunch of other plain white, cotton sheets for when this one is in the wash.

So now the nursery designing can REALLY commence. I’ve been waiting for this fabric to arrive so I could pick things like paint colors and wall art and other details. Now I can really start nesting 🙂


11 responses to “She Says: Project Nursery, Part 2

  1. I got bumpers with my bedding set too, and I made them into adorable wall decorations. I didn’t want to have them in the crib at all, even in the beginning when the baby can’t roll around or suffocate. I did research that says that air circulation is key in reducing SIDS risk, so I got the mesh breathable bumpers (which come in tons of colors). I may just be fooling myself thinking that having the ceiling fan going all the time in the nursery and having breathable bumpers will help avoid SIDs, but we each have to do what feels comfortable, right? 🙂

  2. Awww, it’s just perfect and knowing that you personally picked it out and put together the patterns and concept is extra special! I am a HUGE fan of green!

    I’m making the final decisions on the set I’m ordering this week. I’m also getting the bumper pad because they are such a prominent decor point for the room. For the period of time that they are unsafe to use, I bought a mesh bumper pad from Babies R Us. I will find another way to display the crib set bumper in the room during that time it is unsafe to use. The bumper almost “makes” the room so I can understand why it’s so important to the decor.

    I can’t wait to see it all put together when you’re all done!

  3. Oh pretty!!!

    I haven’t done ANYTHING with my nursery yet but I’ve got a bit before I absolutely have too. Funny, that color green is in my pallet although it will be white and black as the contrasts. Sounds like you’re having some good times!!

  4. so.freaking.cute.

  5. That is so cute! I love that you are creative enough to even feel capable of ordering custom-made bedding and accessories. I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of picking ours out in the store. Which is part of the reason that I have done nothing. Nor planned anything. YIKES!!!

  6. It is all sooo very cute! I love the patterns you selected for the fabric. What a lucky little boy!

  7. love the fabric you chose; can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  8. I love it Kate! Such a cute boy pattern.

  9. Etsy is awesome. I’ve done the same thing, researching and researching trying to find just the right bedding… and not even gotten close. I think I’m going to get a custom made set from Etsy too.
    I like your fabric choices – well done!

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  11. Husband is trying to convince me I should stop making pillows and start making nursery bedding. I’ll do it if I can quit my day job. Sheesh. I’m not wonderwoman!

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