She Says… Where am I, Mexico?

Is it just me or have a lot of crazy things happened since I’ve been pregnant? Ok, maybe not a lot. But the crazy Boston flood of 2010 and the Munich travel drama were definitely hurdles to overcome, as is the current BOIL WATER ORDER that has been announced for the Boston area.

Apparently sometime yesterday there was a water main break in a nearby town, and every city water system east of them (including Boston and many other Eastern Massachusetts cities and towns) had to shift to use water reserves. These water reserves are not fit to drink. From what I’ve read, they are ok for bathing (which is sort of disgusting, if you consider that they’re not fit to drink!), but not cooking, brushing teeth, washing dishes or clothes, or for pets to ingest. Unfortunately for me, Benjamin is working all weekend with our one car, so I am stranded, unable to go to the grocery store to stock up on gallons of bottled water. Even the grocery stores are beginning to ration water in our area… I feel like I’m in some disaster area!

Chances are that even the tap water won’t really hurt us. I don’t even think they’ve confirmed any crazy contaminants in the water, I think it’s just a precaution since we had to switch water sources. My instincts say that the media usually blows these things out of proportion anyway. However, with a baby on board, I’m not taking any chances.

So what’s a thirsty, dirty pregnant lady to do? BOIL! Just like the old days (although no “old days” I’ve ever experienced), I set to boil pots and pots of water this morning. I filled every pitcher, vase and water bottle in our house with boiled water, and our poor fridge is working overtime to cool everything down. I never realized JUST how many times I turn on that faucet in a day. Everything I do requires water!

Another day, another adventure, I guess 🙂


10 responses to “She Says… Where am I, Mexico?

  1. Oh boy, that happened in Atlanta at the beginning of last year. I drove from grocery store to grocery store looking for bottled water. Even the cat was getting bottled water! I took showers with my eyes and mouth scrunched up. I guess better safe than sorry but I felt like I was in Honduras again!

  2. oh man, i heard about this yesterday! crazy. i live on tap water, though i know loads of people who refuse to touch it. i’m pretty sure that to this day, my grandmother boils water for drinking (i guess it’s a habit).

    hope you have a good electric kettle!

  3. Makes you really appreciate clean water when you don’t have it, doesn’t it? We take certain things for granted until they’re gone. I realized that when our electricity was out for 2 days after an ice storm last year. You really have encountered a number of natural “issues” since you’ve been pregnant. 🙂

  4. I’m realizing through this that I waste a heck of a lot of water when I’m not trying to be careful of every drop.

    I’m wondering if we’re going to be reimbursed for all the extra gas and electricity for all this boiling!

  5. I saw that on the news yesterday. I hope it gets better soon =)

  6. an adventure is right! I don’t blame you for being cautious especially with a little one on board!

  7. Good grief! Take care! Hopefully it’ll soon be over 🙂

  8. Wow, what a pain! I know how thirsty pregnancy makes you, and I can imagine the state of your place filled with containers of boiled water…Electric kettles are fantastic even when there isn’t a “boil water” recommendation, so if you don’t have one it would be a wise investment – we use ours for everything from making tea/coffee to warming up baby bottles…a heck of a lot faster than boiling water on the stove!

  9. You HAVE had a lot of adventures my friend. So many good stories for your little boy. 🙂 Glad you survived this latest hurdle!

  10. haha I would be doing the same thing. Being pregnant makes a girl thirsty!

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