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She Says… Uh Oh…

I am generally an incredibly healthy person. My immune system is strong, and I usually only get sick once a year, if that. However, when I do get sick, I’m out for the count. I’m pretty much a shell of a human being until I am healthy again.

This morning I woke up with a really, really, really sore and swollen throat. I have that awful feeling like I’m about to get hit with a nasty cold/flu/virus/something.

My boss, who was working with me in New York last week, just emailed me to say that she is still out sick with the flu. Kill. Me. Now. Almost exactly 2 years ago I got the flu for the first (and only) time. I was out for an entire week, literally laying on the couch and crying about how sick I was. This is NOT like me. The flu kicked my ass. And that was WITH lovely drugs like Tamiflu. Thinking of facing that kind of illness while pregnant and unable (or unwilling) to take a lot of heavy drugs scares me.

But I’ll think try to positively. Maybe it’s just a little cold? Any home remedies you suggest that are safe for pregnant ladies?


She Says… 30 Weeks

My darling little boy,

It’s hot out. All of a sudden the New England spring weather gave way to summer and it’s over 90 degrees today. Yesterday we took a midday walk with Schnitzel and the poor guy was panting and laying down on the cool pavement only a few minutes after we left the house. Today we’re going to walk slower, not as far, and will bring along some water for all three of us. That seems to be the name of the game for me recently — do everything slower and bring water.

I just got back from a doctor’s appointment and my OB says everything looks outstanding. I have very low blood pressure, healthy pulse, steady weight gain (although it’s a few pounds higher than I would like, but if we’re so healthy, I’m not worrying about it!), and your heart rate is strong and steady at about 155 bpm. Perfect. She poked and prodded my stomach to figure out what position you’re in, and it looks like you are head down with your back facing out and your butt up near my right rib. So that annoying rib cramp/jab I keep feeling could be a little tiny foot. Your head is nice and low, which explains why whenever I stand up, I feel like I have to pee — your head is pushing right on my bladder! I’m so proud of both of us for being so fit and healthy at this point in the pregnancy. Now try to stay in that general head down position and we’ll be good to go for labor in 7-10 weeks. 7-10 weeks. Whoa. We have a lot to do to get ready for you.

This week you are 15-16 inches long and you weigh over 3 pounds. From this point on, babies begin to gain weight at a more individual rate, so we really don’t know exactly how much you weigh, but chances are you will more than double your weight in the next 10 weeks! That is  a lot of growing you’re doing in there. I just can’t imagine how we’ll fit 3+ more pounds in there. Your eyesight is continuing to develop as well. Apparently if I shine a flashlight into my belly you can see the light and may respond to it. Once I find a flashlight with batteries that work, I will give that a try.

You are also settling into sleeping and waking cycles, and they seem to be somewhat aligned with my own, which I appreciate! When I wake up in the morning I can feel you begin to stir. Then you nap a bit while I shower and dress for the day. I eat breakfast, and after that I can feel you boppin’ around eating your breakfast too. Then there’s another lull while I walk to work (either that or I’m just not feeling you since I’m moving around), and another party in my belly around lunchtime. Just like your Mama, you seem to respond to food more than anything else! The afternoon is similar to the morning — naptime, then snack, then dance party, then naptime, then dinner, then dance party, then naptime, then usually the biggest dance party of all right before bed. Keep up the dancin’… as uncomfortable as your little kicks and jabs are getting, I still love feeling you every day, and, as they say, an active baby is a healthy baby! Also, I’ve already begun to feel a little nostalgic for when this part of our adventure is all over and I no longer get to feel those special movements shake my belly.

I love you, my little dude. Every day that goes by makes me more excited to meet you. Keep up the good work growing and developing in there.

All the love in my heart,

She Says… Confession Time

Since the beginning of this whole babymaking process, Benjamin has posted many times about sex. For awhile there, it was kind of the only part of the process he participated in, and so it was his topic of choice 🙂  I, on the other hand, was content to let Benjamin spill the beans from his perspective, and kept a bit quieter about this subject. Partly it’s because I know our parents read this blog (hi, Mom!), and partly it’s because I know it’s a topic that is so unique to each couple, and I don’t like the idea of people comparing themselves to us in any way. Call me old-fashioned!

However, I feel like I need to mention it from the pregnant woman’s perspective, if only to offer my experience as a comfort if other women are struggling with some of the same challenges. If you’re one of those lucky pregnant women who had/are having the best sex of your life while pregnant, more power to you. Apparently I am not.

Pregnant sex, for me, is… tricky. As you can see from my belly pics, I am pretty much hiding a soccer ball under my shirt at this point, so the sheer logistics of skin-to-skin contact are a challenge. But even that can be overcome with a bit of creativity. Unfortunately, even when all the bits and pieces are in the right place, I feel all kinds of weird pokes and prods and flutters and kicks in my stomach. Not to mention the fact that I can barely breathe when my lungs are smooshed one way or the other. Also, my balance is off and my arms get tired holding up my torso and I often feel like my “delicate” new body is squished uncomfortably. For me, it’s not even the weirdness of “Oh, there’s a BABY between us” (which is, if you think about it, strange enough to derail most peoples’ sexual momentum); it’s more that I’m so distracted by the strange sensations that I can’t concentrate on anything.

Oh, and another thing. While I know that Benjamin loves and adores me, I’m not sure he totally digs my pregnant body. Let’s be honest… it’s foreign. I have curves in places I’ve never had curves before (and believe me, I was relatively curvy to begin with). It’s not that he doesn’t love my pregnant body, as I know he is as amazed and awe-struck as I am about the changes taking place. But it IS a little disconcerting to watch the person you’ve been seeing naked for many years blow up like a balloon in a matter of months. My once-cute feet have turned into sausages and you can no longer see much muscle definition in my arms. My boobs have gotten bigger (which would generally have a positive effect on his desire), but along with them has come a stomach so round that the skin looks like it might burst. Don’t get me wrong — I still think I’m a cute pregnant lady 🙂 I just think it’s a lot for a husband to witness and not feel a little alienated at times.

The bottom line is that our relationship is far from dwindling because of this shift in priorities. Our love for each other get stronger with every day that brings us closer to having our little guy in our arms. And we really can’t get enough of spending time with each other. But I think we’ve entered a new phase in our lives; one in which sex is not a top priority. And for the next 10 weeks, it might not even be a priority at all. And I think that’s totally ok. It’s just… different.We both recognize how important intimacy is to our relationship; we’re just exploring the difference between intimacy and sex.

So, I’m scared to open up this can of worms. But… anyone have anything to add?

He Says… In Dreams

So the last couple nights I have had dreams about Piccolino’s birth.  I think this is the first time I have had any baby related dreams, and I am sure it is because we are in the final countdown until the big day.  My dreams have been kind of strange so far, so you psychology people can try to interpret them.

The first dream was that I was in the parking garage at the hospital.  I was with someone, but I am not sure who.  Kate was in the hospital and I had missed the birth, but I think that was by design, like I wasn’t supposed to be there or something.  And across the garage I saw a nurse carrying our baby towards the elevator to go bring the baby to Kate.  I think Kate hadn’t even seen the baby, and I thought that I shouldn’t go see our baby first, because Kate should be the first one to see him.  It was as if the baby was being delivered to her.  In the context of the dream, this all seemed normal, although I am glad that it doesn’t work out that way in real life.

The second dream was much less involved.  We had had the baby (and I think I was there for the whole birth) and we were in the hospital with him and it had been a day or so since he was born and we realized we had not called any of our parents to tell them we had the baby.  That was it but I started to panic about that.

That same night I had another dream that I was at a friend’s wedding (which is next weekend and I am a groomsmen) and it was five minutes before the wedding and I hadn’t gotten dressed and I realized I had no shirt or shoes.

So maybe I am just anxious about everything that is about to change in my life.  But very excited too.

She Says… 29 Weeks

My little man,

29 weeks down, 11 more to go! Well, only 8 more until you’re fully cooked. I just can’t really wrap my brain around that. I mean, I guess I realized that this whole “pregnancy” thing was working towards a goal of actually producing a screaming, smiling, pooping, wriggling little baby… but I just can’t imagine how much my life is about to change once you exist outside of my stomach. The countdown has begun; we’re in the home stretch.

I’m writing to you from a hotel in New York City. I’m on my LAST trip for work until you arrive. I’ll be glad to turn in my travelin’ shoes for more time at home. This time Daddy’s and my travels aligned! He is also working in the New York/Connecticut area and we’ll meet up tomorrow and get to spend the night in my hotel together. And then it’s off to New Jersey for the weekend for his cousin Jen’s wedding. I’m not sure what Jen is to you, exactly. 2nd cousin? Anyway, I’ll get to see your Aunt Lisa and lots of family members who haven’t seen my bulging baby belly yet, which will be a lot of fun.

It’s undeniable now… my baby bump is BIG. Even some of my maternity shirts are getting snug. How much bigger are you going to get? Sometimes I feel as though my skin might just tear right down the middle of my stomach, it is stretched so thin. I still marvel every day at how my body has changed to grow you. With 11 weeks to go, I know I have a LOT of growing left to do, so I can’t wait to see what I look like at the end.

This week you are a little over 15 inches long (about the length of a loaf of bread) and weigh about 3 pounds. Your brain can now control your breathing and body temperature. You can also cough, and your sucking abilities have been perfected. Your skin is looking less wrinkled as you pack on the pounds. Also, you have become a little Energizer Bunny in my belly these days! I feel you about 75% of the day (and night) movin’ and shakin’ in there. You certainly are an active little guy. Generally I don’t mind, although something has been causing me a stabbing sort of pain underneath my right rib, and it’s kind of uncomfortable. Any chance you can move around a bit and spread the wealth?

I am beginning to feel a little bit of that 1st trimester exhaustion coming back. My knees and ankles are tired of holding up my extra weight, and by the end of the day I just need to put my feet up. I think it’s going to be a LONG, HOT summer for you and I, little buddy.

Time for bed for this pregnant lady. I love you, my sweet Piccolino. Sweet dreams.


She Says… A Baby Shower!

On Sunday my dear friend Kate organized my baby shower! I was so, so excited. I haven’t been to that many baby showers, but I love them. I love the cute, little favors and coordinated paper plates, the pastel wrapping paper and, of course, the cake 🙂 We had about 15 people come, which turned out to be the perfect group.

My favorite ladies from various stages of my life (from my mom to college friends to Benjamin’s family) all gathered in one room and we ate and laughed and opened presents. Well, we all ate and laughed, and I opened presents. Lots of them! Everyone was so thoughtful and generous, and I didn’t get a single gift that I want to return.

I was in an a cappella group in college, and many of the girls from that group are my closest girlfriends today. A group of us who live in Boston get together regularly to chat and sing (recently it’s been a lot more chatting and a lot less singing). But at my mom’s request, we got up and sang an impromptu version of “On Children“, which is a poem by Kahlil Gibran (with beautiful, poignant words for this occasion) set to music. I took one look at my teary-eyed Mama after we sang and burst into tears myself.


Our little boy is joining such an amazing group of friends and family; he is very, very lucky. It was a perfect day! A huge thank you to everyone who was involved and celebrated with us.

Among other things, Piccolino got some board books (thank you Emily and Aunt Lisa!)…


And (perhaps the cutest gift of all) a tuxedo onesie from Aunt Kim to wear to Aunt Ginger’s wedding three weeks after his due date!

And finally, anyone who read Benjamin’s post about registering at Babies R’ Us knows how hilarious he thinks “My Brest Friend” is. And guess what we got (also from Aunt Kim, who knew Benjamin would get a kick out of it!)? He wears it well, no?

Other all-star gifts included a carseat and extra base (from Benjamin’s mom and stepdad), a diaper bag, along with a VERY handy list of what to remember to put in it (from Erin, a new mom), the softest baby blanket in the world (hand-knitted by my friend Lindsey) and many, many other adorable items. Oh, and THE CAKE. It was quite possibly the BEST cake I have had in my whole life. Moist, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Thank goodness I had my gestational diabetes test BEFORE enjoying a big slice!

Another milestone down. Now on to all those thank you notes I have to write…

He Says… Unrelated

I am going to commandeer our blog for an unrelated topic, in case any of you want to see one of my recent projects.  Two weeks ago I participated in the Boston 48 Hour Film Project.  This is something they do each year in about 75 cities around the world, where filmmakers compete to make a 4-7 minute film (from writing to shooting to editing) in 48 hours.  At the start of the weekend each team is given a genre (ours this year was “Sci-fi”) as well as a character, prop and line of dialogue that has to be used in the film.  This is the 6th one of these films I have done and I always (usually) enjoy doing it.  It’s a fun opportunity to work on something different than my normal work.

Anyway, I am quite proud of what we did this year, and definitely think it’s the best one I’ve done.  We’ve already found out that we have moved on to the Best of Boston screening next month where we’ll find out if we won any awards.

You can check it out here:

She Says… Ask Us Anything (Part 3 of 3)

Third and final segment of “Ask Us Anything”. If you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2. Thank you all so much for your questions — we had a lot of fun answering them! I was pleasantly surprised at how similar our answers were, even though we wrote them independently. You brought up some great issues that we had thought about individually but hadn’t necessarily discussed, so it was a good opportunity for us to share with each other too.

21. Did you ever throw up? I remember you saying you had some nausea but wasn’t sure if you ever got “sick sick”.

Kate: I felt generally pretty gross from weeks 7 – 11, but (luckily? unluckily?) I never actually threw up. I am one of those people who avoids throwing up at all costs, so at times I wondered if puking would relieve my hangover-like symptoms… but I just couldn’t do it. I’m still not sure which is better, but I am glad I was able to keep food down to nourish the little babe who was doing a lot of developing at that point. Unfortunately for him I ate 90% carbs to keep that nausea at bay. At that point, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I birthed a bagel!

22. Do you think you’ll continue to blog after baby and beyond?

Kate: Without a doubt! I’ve got the blogging bug. In the beginning, I envisioned blogging to be a way for my family and friends to keep up with the baby I thought we’d have in no time. When we started having problems, blogging became a sort of therapy, a cathartic way to get my thoughts out of my head and to connect with others struggling with the same issues. Now, since I got preggo, it has transformed into a living, breathing journal/memory book/photo album to capture this incredible time in our lives for our baby. It’s such a dynamic way to share thoughts and information; I can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. And hey, maybe one of these days I’ll become a “famous” blogger who gets stuff for free and is asked to write for other sites/publications. Let’s such say I wouldn’t hesitate to quit my day job if the opportunity arose.

Benjamin: I definitely hope so. I am thrilled that people enjoy reading our ramblings (well, my ramblings… Kate has useful things to say). I am interested to see how we continue to blog and what direction it takes. I don’t want to bore people with posts like “Look what the baby did today” as I am not sure most people care. There will probably be some of that, but I think Kate has turned our blog into a useful resource of information on pregnancy related topics and I think being so personal and informative is what has made this blog work.

23. Were there any certain mental phrases that you repeated to yourself during your infertility treatment (words of encouragement)? I believe that our minds have a great deal of power over how well our bodies perform.

Kate: I didn’t really use any specific mantras during my treatment, but I totally agree that the state of our minds can have incredible power and control over the state of our bodies. As I’ve said before, I was incredibly fortunate to realize that there was a problem almost immediately after going off birth control. I took a very proactive stance and pretty much demanded that doctors take my issue seriously even though I had not been “trying” for a year, which is the medical definition of infertility. So although I might not have been repeating mental phrases, I was certainly soaking in every little piece of knowledge I could about my situation and trying to make any positive changes I could in my lifestyle. In addition, I think one of the reasons I never got completely overwhelmed with the infertility treatments was that I stayed very positive about my body and what it could do. I am fit and healthy and capable of so many things, and that confidence in myself helped me maintain the perspective that once we figured out my fertility issue, we could and we would get pregnant. And, at least in our case, we did. Positivity and perspective were key for me.

24. Do you plan on circumcising your son?

Kate: The short answer is yes. We are going to circumcise our son. However, prior to finding out that we were having a boy, I never realized what a controversial topic this is. For Benjamin and I, the choice was relatively easy. One day one of us said, “So, are we going to circumcise Piccolino?” and the other one said, “I think we should… do you?” “I think so too. I just wanted to see if we were on the same page”. And that was that. However, once we began discussing the issue with other people, I began to see that the answer is not necessarily that simple — there are a LOT of good arguments on both sides. There is also a lot of misinformation out there that people try to use to argue their side of the issue. For us I think our gut instinct was based on aesthetics and our own experiences up to this point in life. Without bogging you down with lots of links, suffice it to say that there are both benefits and risks associated with the procedure, and I think parents should choose whatever feels right to them.

Benjamin: Ah yes, that is a good question. I think we are pretty sure that we will circumcise him. I got the sense growing up that most of my peers were circumcised (I was… in case you are wondering), but I know that circumcision rates have dropped dramatically since then. I found this statistic online: “The intact rate among newborn males in the U.S. has increased from 15 percent in 1965 to 44.5 percent in 2006” ( So circumcision is still the norm, but not by a lot (although in this region of the US, it is still about 65% who get circumcised). I know that a lot of the health concerns with not circumcising have been proven invalid. My guess is we will still do it, but I do think it’s an odd thing, in general. The idea of cutting something off a baby that they were born with, something that does no harm to them, seems strange.

25. Do you think your life will never, ever be even slightly the same once the baby is born? What parts of your ‘old’ life do you want to keep even though you have a wee one?

Kate: Ha! I love the way this question is worded. Although I realize our lives will change immensely with the addition of a baby, I also think a lot of it will be the same. We already spend most of our time at home (when we’re not traveling). We don’t go out drinking or spend a lot of money on eating in restaurants. We prefer to cook and stay in on a Saturday night, and love our weekend routine of walking the dog, going to the grocery store and tidying up our house. Although the schedule may change  bit (especially in the beginning), I think the addition of a baby will make our “normal” routine that much more special. There are some parts of our life now that I do not want to let slip away, though. Like being able to talk, just the two of us. I think back on car rides with my parents and siblings, and, until we were teenagers, I don’t think there were really conversations going on… more like everyone talking at the same time about things going on in their lives. So I want to make sure we build in some quiet time just for us. To talk, or not to talk. One of the things I love most about my relationship with Benjamin is that we don’t always have to talk. We really appreciate just being together without talking. I think that will be really difficult with a loud baby and (inevitably) chatty child. Also, I hope I can find time to continue cooking the way I do now. I LOVE to cook, and Benjamin enjoys eating my carefully planned meals and is always up for trying new things I cook. I know time will be tighter with a baby, but I hope I can find the time to keep cooking us wholesome and delicious meals.

Benjamin: Well, no, our lives will never be the same. We will be parents, and we will have a child (and hopefully someday children) and I imagine that changes everything. But I don’t think everything will have to change. We will still have to work, and I hope that I can continue to have as much drive in my work as I have now, once we have a child. I hope that Kate’s and my relationship stays just as strong (and I suspect it will). I think our priorities will shift dramatically, but I hope that we continue to be able to do some the things we enjoy now, even if it’s less frequent or involves our child.

26. Do you regret anything you have made public on here?

Kate: Actually… no. I think we knew from the beginning that someday we would share this blog with family and friends (once we got pregnant), so although a lot of the info is very personal, I never posted things (about our sex life, for instance) that I wouldn’t want my mom to read. While I think we’ve been very forthcoming and honest, we’ve also chosen what we write, so I don’t mind that it’s out there for anyone to read.

Benjamin: I don’t think I do. Kate edits bad/inappropriate things I say.

27. Do you feel that having struggled with infertility in the past has made you more fearful during the progression of the pregnancy and the prospect of the birth?

Kate: Yes and no. In the first trimester, the struggle to get pregnant did make me more fearful. I was acutely aware of how difficult it was to even get to that point of seeing that little plus sign, and I had created so many relationships with people who had struggled longer and harder, and still had to deal with the pain of miscarriage. In some ways I was over-educated… I Googled every little symptom and spot and pain, and it probably added a level of fear and stress that would not have been present if I had just gotten pregnant right off the bat. That said, struggling to get pregnant also helped me to appreciate and cherish every moment more than I might have if I didn’t have to work so hard for it. Every day I woke up feeling sick, or nights I couldn’t sleep, I never felt frustrated/angry/sad… I just felt thankful. And I realize every single day what an incredible miracle ever baby is. Prior to my little dance with infertility, I never really “got” it. Now, safely in my 3rd trimester, I think I’m past the worrying stage, and I’m just looking forward to this new adventure, and can even look back and appreciate the struggle it took to get here.

Benjamin: Kate can answer this better than I can, but the doctors were pretty clear that the infertility issues, once overcome, would in no way effect the pregnancy. I think we both were a little wary during the first trimester (as most people are), but not really any more so because of the struggle in getting pregnant.

So that’s that! More than you probably ever wanted to know about Benjamin and I 🙂

She Says… It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Last week I posted about Cord Blood Banking. I thought that making the decision whether or not to donate, and whether to donate to a public or private bank was the difficult part of the process. Apparently not. Once I decided I would like to donate to a public bank and potentially save lives, I expected it would be pretty easy. After all, there’s no fee, and it should be as easy as giving blood. Right? Wrong.

Step #1 – First I called my doctor’s office and asked them about the procedure for donating cord blood. They told me to call the hospital where I would be delivering to check with their policy.

Step #2 – I called Mount Auburn, the hospital were I’m going to deliver, and after being transferred 4 times, the conversation went like this: 

Her: “We do the collection, but we don’t do anything with shipping the sample once it’s collected. You’ll need to work with an outside company to do that.”

Me: “No problem. Do you have any companies that you generally use for cord blood donation that I could contact?”

Her: “Uhh, no. You can look it up online, though.”

Step #3 – Commence Googling. It’s shocking how challenging it is to find information about DONATING to a PUBLIC bank when the websites are completely dominated by STORING your cord blood with a PRIVATE bank. I found another local hospital’s website (Brigham and Women’s) that advertises that they have a public banking process. Score! I thought. For sure they will take a donation from the next town over, right?

Step #4 – I called Brigham & Women’s. This person was very helpful and said that for now, they only accept donations from babies delivered in their hospital. BUT, she offered me two other phone numbers of companies that may be helpful. One of which was the New England Organ Bank, which collects umbilical cords after birth to be used in scientific research (to use as a last resort if I couldn’t find a public bank to donate to).

Step #5 – I called the other number that the Brigham & Women’s nurse gave me, for Cryobanks International. Success! They offer both public and private banking, so their website was a little confusing for someone looking just to donate, but the woman on the phone directed me to the place on the website where I can download the DONATION forms (after answering some medical questions).

The process: I will fill out the (extensive) forms, have my doctor approve them, and then send them back to Cryobanks prior to my 34th week of pregnancy. Cryobanks will then send me a collection kit that I will bring with me to the hospital when I’m in labor. From what I have read, the labor and delivery is not affected by the decision to donate cord blood, as the doctor can wait until the placenta is fully delivered, and the baby receives the appropriate amount of time with the umbilical cord still intact before cutting it and collecting the sample. After delivery, I will call Cryobanks and let them know I have a sample, and we organize shipping/courier pickup of the sample.

Once I got to the right person, it was easy to figure out how to donate. However, it really shouldn’t be that hard to get to that person. So anyone out there looking to donate who doesn’t know how (if your hospital doesn’t accept donations), check out Cryobanks! They are international, and work directly with your OB to collect the sample. And as far as I can tell, they may be one of only a few companies who accept mail-in donations.

Good luck to others trying to sort through this — it’s no wonder that the cord blood banks have limited supplies, it’s too darn hard to donate!

She Says… 28 Weeks

My sweet little dude,

You’ve been growing and developing in there for 7 months. 7 months! It’s hard to even believe. In that time you’ve grown from the size of a poppyseed to over 2 pounds and nearly 15 inches long. And let me tell you, my body is starting to feel it. When I walk now, I feel like my back is arched more than normal and I’m wearing a belt with a dumbbell on it. I’ve gained over 25 pounds… and my joints can feel it! I’ve never carried around this much weight before. But you know what? Every single ache and cramp and sore muscle and pound is worth it. I’ve never felt so thrilled with what my body can handle (although riding my first 100-mile bike ride is still a very, very close second… for now) and I’ve never been as calm and comfortable with my future as I am right now.

People keep asking me if I’m scared or nervous or anxious about having my first baby. For whatever reason… I’m not. I have wanted you and worked for you for so long that I am just excited and happy for you to get here. I am confident that my body knows what it needs to do to nourish you for 3 more months and then “pop you out” (as cousin Abby says), and I know the rest of the knowledge I need will come in time (and perhaps from reading a few choice books).

You went to your first Red Sox game last night! Daddy and I had a lovely (if a little chilly) night at the game. We enjoyed a biiiig bag of kettle corn (unfortunately no Fenway Franks or beer for the pregnant lady) and cheered on the Sox. The highlight of the night? As we were leaving the park and there was a line out the door for the women’s bathroom, a sweet security guard at the door to the very swanky lounge waved me over and let me right in to use the bathroom inside the lounge. What an awesome perk of having a big baby belly! So… thanks, little guy.

Everywhere I go now people smile at me and give me special treatment. People give up their seats on the subway and smile at me and chatter in ways they never have before. And maybe part of it is me and my actions — I am walking slower, taking time to look around and enjoy every minute, and smiling/talking back when people notice my belly. You have made me a better person already.

I love you more than all the Fenway Franks at Fenway Park!