She Says… Finally home and gestational diabetes test

The whirlwind wedding weekend is over and I’m finally, FINALLY home for awhile with no trips planned. I can’t say the same for Benjamin, but at least he’s around for the next few days, so I can’t complain! The wedding was beautiful, and I was so happy to be able to be there in person (rather than stuck in Munich still!). The dress I borrowed worked out great, and I even got to meet a few blog readers 🙂 Pictures of Munich and the wedding outfits to come soon… I promise.

Thank you all for your suggestions on how to make the pink dress work. I will definitely take it to a tailor to see what they can do with it, although it isn’t looking very likely since I can’t see extra fabric in the seams and the pink chiffon may be very hard to match with a zipper or insert. But we’ll see.

Never a dull moment, as they say. We just got home last night and tomorrow I have a big day at the OB’s office: my glucose tolerance test. Actually, I think the test I’m doing tomorrow is just a glucose screening, not technically the tolerance test (which takes several more hours and several more blood draws). Tomorrow I will head to the lab before my appointment and get a supposedly sickeningly sweet orange soda drink. I’ll drink that down and head to my normal monthly appointment to kill 20-30 minutes. Then go back to the lab to have blood taken one hour after I finish the drink. I think the deal is that if my glucose level comes back high at this first screening, they schedule me for the tolerance test as a follow-up test. In that test you drink an even sweeter drink, and get blood drawn at 1, 2 and 3 hours. Yuck! I’m really hoping that the screening goes smoothly and my numbers are low enough that I don’t have to take the 2nd test.

At my last appointment, my OB told me to eat breakfast the morning of the glucose test (my appointment is at noon), but to avoid very sugary foods like pancakes or donuts. But then in doing some quick Googling this morning, I read that many doctors advise fasting prior to the test (even the 1-hour one, like I am doing tomorrow) to avoid false positives. Some even recommend eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates for 2 days leading up to the test! Apparently many women get falsely high readings at the screening, and then go on to have perfectly normal results from the 3-hour test.

So now I’m a little confused… and a little nervous about my results tomorrow. I was traveling all weekend (driving to Baltimore and back), and had my fair share of wedding cake (with marshmallow fluff frosting), and some delicious desserts while enjoying the company of my family I rarely see. Not to mention less-than-stellar lunches while driving (I even had McDonald’s for the first time in something like 3 years). And prior to the Baltimore trip, I was stuck in Munich eating what I could recognize, which turned out to be a lot of pretzels and probably-not-whole-grain-breads. In the grand scheme of things I know these little changes in my diet will not make a difference. I still eat incredibly healthily and am very conscious of what I put in my mouth. However, the timing is not so good for my test tomorrow!

Thoughts on if these little changes in my diet will affect my results? Did you fast before the glucose test?


19 responses to “She Says… Finally home and gestational diabetes test

  1. From everything I have read in prep for my test in a few weeks, I would say don’t try to “game” the test. If your lab and Dr. typically test people who have eaten, then eat so you are on the right baseline. I would think it will be fine since you will be eating several hours before the test at noon. While a false positive is a pain, it is better than you skewing your results and then not getting diagnosed if this is an issue.

  2. I ate before my test and I eat sugar like it’s my job on a regular basis, and my results came back fine and I didn’t have to do the 3 hour test. The drink isn’t as bad as people say, go for the fruit punch if it’s offered. My doc’s office chills it, so it’s easy to drink. Don’t worry about the test and don’t skip breakfast!

  3. I ate breakfast (avoided fruits that day) and a small lunch (turkey and gravy); my test wasn’t until 3. Let’s just say I BOMBED the 1st test but passed the 3 hour with flying colors. In fact, every single one of my friends failed the 1 hour test. The 1st test is just a screening test and not all that accurate. GOOD LUCK and either way, don’t freak out. 80 % of people who fail the 1st, pass the 2nd.

  4. I totally agree with sab. I work in a diabetes clinic and think a false negative would be far more detrimental to your baby than the inconvenience of a false positive. Plus, if you don’t have diabetes, your body will be able to handle whatever carbs you’re putting in your body.

  5. Eat like you normally eat… like sab & Kara said. And, try not to worry about it!

  6. I agree with Kara…if you don’t have GD, then whatever you eat for breakfast, or the days leading up to it won’t matter. I am the Sugar Queen and my body metabolizes it just fine…I passed with flying colors. And then when my baby turned out to be on the bigger side, the doctor made me take another blood test to be sure…and it was still negative. So…if you’re GD-Free…it won’t matter what you eat. 🙂

    Good luck!

  7. I took mine first thing in the morning and was told to fast, so that is what I did. If your doctor said it is fine to eat, then I would listen – like the others said, it is better to get a false positive than a false negative!

    Fair warning – I thought the drink was disgusting – I never eat anything that sweet, and it nearly had me gagging and I had a hard time drinking it during the required time. However, I do think it would have been easier to take if I didn’t have an empty tummy! Good luck and don’t stress 🙂

  8. Don’t worry too much about the test. I was not so smart and ate a very sugary bar right before I had mine. Then the lady who took my blood was like “I’m going to fast or I’ll definitely fail, for sure” and I was like, “oh… was I supposed to fast?” Anyway, when I mentioned it to my obgyn at my appt right after she said don’t worry about it. And she was right, I passed with flying colors. So just do what you need to do. I’d eat something before but have it be protein packed. Fasting until noon could be brutal.

    Good luck!

  9. You might want to see if you can have someone drive you to and from the appointment. Some people feel reallllly sick from that drink. I felt so sick (like sugar overload stomachache and dizzy) for a good 8 hours after. With this baby I’m not doing the drink, I’ll just track my sugars for a week or do the meal or jellybeans. The drink is so gross.

  10. You may have done yourself good by snacking on sweets and carbs recently! If your body isn’t used to processing sweets when you drink the glucose, then it may take longer for your blood sugar to return to normal levels. You’ve given your body some good practice on eliminating sweets from your system, so it won’t be as much of a shock to it! I wouldn’t worry about it and just do what your doctor told you to do, eat breakfast!

    (I am due the very same day as you!)

  11. kate,
    i’m an RN and i wouldn’t worry too much. your recent eating habits b/c of the wedding and munich shouldn’t affect the results because it isn’t they way you eat long-term. what time is your test? as long as you eat something wholesome, like oatmeal or whole-wheat toast, etc the results of your test shouldn’t be affected. you want to eat the foods you normally would be eating anyways because that provides more accurate results about how your body metabolizes glucose. good luck!

  12. Don’t stress – what you ate the last few days is behind you and really shouldn’t affect it. I was told to fast for 4 hours prior to my test. So if you want to do that you can, but if not just have mostly protein and some high fiber carbs. And if worse comes to worse you’ll go back for the GTT. Try not to worry though.

  13. I did not fast before either (!) of my one hour glucose tests. My midwife told me to eat whatever I eat regularly (and bring something to eat right after!). Both my tests came back fine. I do have one question though…when I went for my tests they were very clear about the fact that I was to sit there for the hour and not do anything; no moving around, no using the bathroom, no eating or drinking. Just making sure that your plan to kill some time by going for your appointment will work out for you. Also you might not feel so hot so it might not be the best time to have an appointment. Whatever happens I hope it all goes well! The orange drink (or lemon-lime drink) is NOT delicious!!

  14. I had a coke flavored drink and thought it was fine – just tasted like super-sweet flat coke.

    I would second the recommendation of protein for breakfast to help you feel less hungry.

    I also had the drink, then my regular apt then the blood draw. I believe I was allowed to drink and use the bathroom, although you should check when you get there, I don’t remember for sure.

  15. drink water, that is 🙂

  16. I wouldn’t worry. Also, I didn’t think the orange drink was so terrible. It didn’t taste good, but it wasn’t a nightmare.

    Good luck!

  17. Good luck today and try not to worry!!!

  18. I hope it goes well. I took the three hour test with my first pregnancy (and passed). I had eaten 3 hours prior to the screening and failed by one point. With my next two kids, I scheduled the test first thing in the morning at the recommendation of the tech who did my 3 hour test blood draw and I passed it with those two kiddos, so I had fasted 12 hours prior to the test.

  19. I think in Canada we just do the one glucose test and it’s the 3 hour one. I read more American blogs and online info than Canadian I think and I thought I was doing the screening thing first, but not the case! We don’t need appointments and can just show up at a blood collection clinic or at the hospital and take a number. I plan to do mine on Friday. My doc also said to eat breakfast, but just to be mindful of overindulging for lunch that day if I plan to take the afternoon off. She said some women make it a “friday afternoon” freebie from work and go out for lunch and skew the results. Although now I’m unsure if it’s ok to eat breakfast and then lunch if I plan to do it in the afternoon. Maybe I’ll try to skip out of work around 10 in between the two and have lunch after?

    I’m confused like you because you would think there would be consistent recommendations to make the test a bit more standard!

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