She Says… Dress Drama

As most of you know, I had a lot of trouble finding a cute maternity dress for the millions (ok, 5) of weddings we are going to this summer. Thanks to your awesome suggestions, I ended up ordering this beautiful gem of a dress:

It is designed by Christian Siriano (of Project Runway fame). Love him! The fabric is a gorgeous shade of pink and the dress would be perfect, except for one thing. I can’t zip it up. I know I have mentioned it before, but MY RIBS HAVE EXPANDED. Not just a little extra babyweight either… like, several dress sizes expanded (for reference, I used to be a 2 on top, and now I am a 10). This is so strange to me because, in general, I am pretty much the same size that I was before pregnancy everywhere other than my stomach. Oh, don’t get me wrong, my butt and thighs have packed on a few inches as well, but my shoulders and boobs and arms and other body parts are pretty much the same. Except my ribs. Apparently my actual bones have moved to make room for the little guy taking up residence in there (this is perfect normal, as I’ve read… apparently that hormone “relaxin” that you produce while pregnant, which expands your hips and abs to make room for the baby, can also expand other body parts).

So anyway, bottom line is that the lovely, beautiful, wonderful dress that I ordered DOESN’T FIT. And the first wedding is, well, tonight. The dress arrived while I was stuck in Munich, and I just kept my fingers crossed that it would fit when I got home. Unfortunately not. And the biggest disappointment? It was on sale (which is how I rationalized buying it), and it was FINAL SALE. I can not return it. Huge, huge bummer.

So, anyone want to buy a beautiful Christian Siriano maternity dress, perfect for a summer or early fall wedding? With shipping it cost me $186. Give me your best offer via comment or email 🙂

In the end, I ended up borrowing a dress from a friend for the wedding tomorrow, so I won’t have to go in my trusty maternity jeans… pictures to come in a few days once I get them uploaded.


13 responses to “She Says… Dress Drama

  1. Before you give it away, I would take it to a tailor’s & see what they can do with it. I’m thinking moving the zipper, sew in an extra panel & then re-zipping it.

  2. That dress is SOOO pretty! It’s a terrible shame that it doesn’t fit. I don’t have any weddings or formal events this summer or I would totally buy it! I’m with Sarah- see if they can tailor it.

  3. I was just going to post what Sarah posted above! They might even be able to put a piece of spandex or stretchy lace instead of a zipper so that it will continue to expand as needed over the summer!

  4. Take it to a tailor. You never know!!

    My ribcage also expanded significantly, though it happened later for me. I’m almost 5’10” which probably explains it; the lyds had lots of room in my torso. The good news: it’s (almost) back to where it was.

  5. Those are great ideas above!
    At least you can wear it for the next do!

  6. Pregnancy has expanded everything of mine! I hate the dress didn’t fit. Our bodies change day to day which makes it very hard to fit in some clothes, but hey we have much better things adhead of us than dresses not fitting!

  7. Well, I was at said wedding. The borrowed dress looked great!!! I had no idea it wasn’t the one you perfectly selected. Anyway, good luck selling (or potentially modifying) the current dress – it’s also great.

    It was awesome to finally meet you (sorry we couldn’t talk more), and the song was awesome! I’m sure E & J loved it.

  8. Oh no! How disappointing. I hope you’re able to find a tailor to make some tweaks — that dress is too fab to waste! But you’re lucky to have someone on borrow-a-dress speed dial, and I’m sure it looked fantastic.

  9. Love the dress…too bad it didn’t fit. I would definitely try a tailor if it were me. If you decide to tailor could you shoot me the website that you bought it from? But….if you’re not interested in tailoring, email me the size – I may be interested in buying from you. I have a wedding in June that it would be perfect for.

  10. Did you ever decide on which stroller to get? We went with the Uppa, and I cannot wait to try it out! Right now it has the carseat installed in it and it’s sitting in her bedroom. So when I’m at the hospital my hubby can bring it there and we can bring her home. I’ll let you know how we like it once we start using it. 2 1/2 weeks to go! Hope you’re feeling good.

  11. hey kate!!
    I am due a week before you and I also have quite a few weddings/bar mitzvahs this summer. I found on Target a new line called Moody Mama’s and it’s pretty cheap so you can buy more than just one. Here’s the link, hope you enjoy!

  12. Hey hun,
    That dress looks amazing! I hope you decided to keep it. Im about 9inches shorter than you so Im sure your dress wouldnt fit me. Can you tell me where you ordered it from. I would like to order one in my size if they still have it available. Thanks!

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