She Says… 25 weeks

My tiny little world traveler,

We have had quite the adventure this week, haven’t we? I am happy to report we are both HOME safe and sound. The trip home yesterday (four days later than expected) amidst the Iceland volcano eruption craziness was long and uncomfortable, but we made it. Flying First Class was lovely, but still, after 6 hours in the airport and 8 1/2 hours in a plane, my back was killing me and my feet were puffy and swollen. I was so happy to see your (teary-eyed) daddy waiting for me when I emerged from the baggage claim. After a hug and a kiss, he immediately put his hands on my belly and said hello to you. He even brought Schnitzel in the car, so on the way home from the airport the whole fam was together again. Last night I tried to show him all the powerful kicking you’ve been doing. After we ate, we waited and waited for you to come out and play, but only felt some little flutters. After a few hours of sleep, however, I was woken up by you breakdancing in my belly! Try to do that when Daddy’s hands are nearby… he’s waiting to feel you and see you move from the outside like I did while you and I were in Munich.

This week you graduate to a new size — an eggplant! You are about 13 inches long and weigh just under 2 pounds. That seems gigantic to me, although I know you still have quite a bit of growing to do. Your sense of equilibrium is developing, so you are beginning to be able to tell up from down. When you kick me I can often feel strong kicks at one place in my stomach, and little tickles at an opposite place. I picture you kicking with your legs and tickling with your hands up by your face, but I don’t really know how you’re positioned at this point. You can touch and hold your feet and make a fist with your hand. I wonder what positions you already like. Around this time your nostrils (which have previously been plugged up) open. You are like a little fish swimming around in there, breathing and sucking in fluid.

The custom bedding I designed for your nursery is finished and on its way to me (us) this week. I cannot wait to receive it! Then finally I can begin to make some changes to the room that will become your nursery. Being away from home for so long in Germany made me even more excited to get your room all set up when I got home. It was like “nesting” set in but I was halfway across the world and couldn’t do anything about it! I did bring you home some VERY cute corduroy overalls and a little plaid hat, though.

Ok my little peanut, I had better get going. Since our Germany trip was unexpectedly extended, I have a grand total of ONE day here at home before we drive with Daddy down the East Coast to see Uncle Chris & Aunt Jess, Aunt Kim and Uncle Ruben, Cousins Abby and Becca, Rah Rah, and Granddad. And you’re going to your first wedding (of many, even this summer)! The crazy schedule never ends, huh?

I love you more than you will ever know.


12 responses to “She Says… 25 weeks

  1. Welcome back to the US! I’m sure it is great to be back in your own house. I’m sure your little soccer player will show his moves to Benjamin soon enough!

  2. Wish I was going to be in the East Coast with the rest of the fam to hug you guys & the littlest one of all!!! 😀 so glad ur home!

  3. Having him stamp his passport early!!! So cute! I’m glad you are back. I can’t imagine what you were going through being stuck!

  4. Glad you made it home safe and sound! I hope you’ll post some pics of the new bedding when it comes in!

  5. So glad to hear you made it home! The whole situation must have been so stressful for you, especially being pregnant. Enjoy the wedding!

  6. Congrats on making it home safe and sound – that’s got to be such a relief! Six months, getting so close now! I can’t wait to see pictures of the bedding (hint). I so wanted to go the custom route but couldn’t talk myself (my husband really) into it. 🙂

  7. So glad you made it home! That had to be frustrating especially since you’re pregnant. (Maybe you aren’t as moody as me…) I can’t believe you’re at the 25 week mark. That little boy will be here before you know it!

  8. I want to know what dress you ended up choosing for the wedding. And when the custom bedding arrives… can we see a pic of that too?
    Have fun!

  9. Congrats on another wonderful milestone for you and your little one, my friend! And WELCOME HOME!

  10. Oooh waiting for pix of the custom bedding!! 🙂

  11. (I’m the user formerly commenting as SRT by the way! just migrated my blog to wordpress and changed username)

  12. Your little Piccolino is so well travelled already!!! What a globetrotter 🙂 Glad you two got home safe after such an ordeal.
    We decided we would do one last getaway, too, so baby will be flying to Hawaii at 28 weeks. Hopefully with no added adventures…

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