She Says… Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig

You should have seen the jiggety jig I did this morning when the travel agent at my office told me that 1) flights to the U.S. were flying from Munich today and 2) my status had changed from waitlisted to confirmed. In fact, I am confirmed in Business Class and waitlisted in First Class, so one way or another, I’M COMING HOME TODAY!!!

I didn’t just do a jiggety jig. In fact, I cried. I didn’t mean to, but her words were music to my ears. I had been so positive and upbeat throughout this whole mess but I was getting so tired of being “stuck” that when she said I was coming home, they were tears of relief and joy. She told me to leave immediately for the aiport and get through security as soon as possible so I could have the best chance of getting that First Class seat I’m waitlisted for. Are you kidding? I could care less what class my seat is — I’M COMING HOME TODAY!!! However, my company was nice enough to pay the cost of upgrading me to First Class to get me home as soon as possible, and I’m SURE it would be an awesome experience, so off to the airport I went.

I expected long lines and chaos when I arrived (as it is the first day people have been given even any hope of flying out of Munich since last Thursday). However, what I found was a ghost town. There was a sad area of cots set up for those who have been living in the airport for the last 5 or 6 days. I wish I had taken a picture… it looked like some sort of bomb shelter. Army blankets and cots and frazzled faces everywhere. Check-in lines were long, but I was one of the lucky few who could check-in at the Business/First Class area. Once I got through security (which took all of 5 minutes), there was almost no one around. Lights were off, shops were closed, and there was barely anyone in the hallways. I was very early (like 5 hours early!) for my flight, but figured it was better to be sitting in the airport than cutting it close for no reason.

So here I am… sitting in the First Class lounge eating free food and blogging. My how the tables have turned from yesterday. All in all I have to say I was so fortunate during this whole mess. Even though I am pregnant and slightly uncomfortable and desperate to get home, I was so much better off than so many people during this disaster. I spent the weekend with a colleague and her family who live at the base of the Alps in Bavaria (about an hour’s drive from Munich). We had a lovely day on Saturday doing a boat tour of Lake Tegernsee and eating traditional Bavarian food at a bierhaus. I slept in her two year old’s bed (ha!), which, although small, was undoubtedly much more comfortable than the airport floor. Monday I returned to my office in Munich (where I worked all last week) and had internet connections, food, and the company of some people who spoke English fairly well. Not too bad.

The only thing that could ruin this wonderful day is if the plane doesn’t take off. Since my flight is at 4pm (local time), it runs the risk of being cancelled if the morning flights experienced disturbances while flying. Certainly, though, it is better NOT to be on the first flight out today. A lot of people are still very skeptical about how safe the skies above Germany are.

So keep those fingers crossed that my plane takes off and lands safely. If so, I’ll be running into Benjamin’s arms around 6:30pm or 7:00pm tonight. I cannot wait.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the support, comments, suggestions and happy thoughts while I was stranded. Sorry I couldn’t respond to all of them, my internet was spotty and the time difference made it difficult, but Benjamin and I both really, really appreciate your concern over the last few days. What a crazy situation!


17 responses to “She Says… Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig

  1. So glad you’re confirmed – I’m sure your plane will be safe, they wouldn’t let you guys fly out if there was a possibility of it not being safe. Will have you in my thoughts and prayers today!

  2. It is great that you made the most of your “stuck” situation and continued to work and act like a tourist. What a story! Piccollini has quite the experience under its belt as a world traveler already!

  3. good news!!! i hope you make it home safely tonight.

    what an adventure. glad it wasn’t too terrible. plus now you have your own volcano story!

  4. YAY! I sure Benjamin is just as excited about you coming home! It will be good to have you back to US civilization.

  5. Good news!! Hope you come back home safely!!
    I have a friend who’s stuck at france!!

  6. I’m so relieved! But obviously not as relieved as you three. (Piccollini, that surge you felt earlier was from “endorphins.” They’re rad.) Have a safe flight!

  7. That’s insane! I’m so glad you were able to make the best of it and enjoy your extended time there. I’m praying for a safe flight and that you three get to be in each other’s arms tonight!

  8. Safe travels!! I totally would have cried when I got that call, too.

    I bet the little one will love First Class 🙂

  9. I have been thinking of you all morning wondering when you’d get to come home. They were talking about travel on the radio and how many people are stranded. Hope you have a safe trip home (on time)!

  10. I was just watching the Today show, and they were talking about this. It made me think of you and wonder if you made it home yet. Glad to hear you’re almost there! Good luck

  11. Yay!! Safe travels. I’m sure you are more than ready to be home and for a little normalcy.

  12. Have a safe trip – glad to hear you’re homeward bound 🙂

  13. Hooray for being able to come home!

  14. YAYAY!!! I have been checking in twice a day here to look for updates and am soooooo happy for you guys! Hopefully it is / was a smooth flight 🙂

  15. Just checked to see if the plane took off and it looks like you are about 30 mins from landing. Hooray! So glad you are almost there, must have been awful being so far from home!

  16. Gosh, what an ordeal! So glad you are coming home, in first class no less! You certainly deserve it! Now get home and let hubs rub your feet for a few days 🙂

  17. Super news! safe flight back!

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