He Says… Stuck

So, as you all may have seen, Kate was spending this week in Munich for work.  She was supposed to fly back today.  But Mother Nature had different plans, thanks to the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull (quite the mouthful) in Iceland, air travel from Germany and many other European countries has come to a stop.  So Kate is stuck until the weather changes, or other travel arrangements are made.  Her hotel accommodations in Munich ended today, so she is now staying in Bavaria with one of her co-workers from the Munich office (and her husband and 2-year old and 6-month old children).  I am really glad that this happened on a business trip as the expense or inconvenience had it been on a vacation would have been huge.  Although then at least we’d probably be together.

Kate spent much of the day trying to get through to travel agents through her work and other airlines.  It looked like there were possible flight options in Rome or Madrid but she couldn’t confirm, and even then the closest place was a 13 hour train ride away.  Probably not much fun for someone 6 months pregnant.  She finally got arrangements for a flight from Munich for Monday afternoon, but it is looking, more and more, like the airport will not be open then.  I even looked into transatlantic cruises and spoke to someone whose company booked all the possible cruises but there are no available options for the next month.  There was one from London on Thursday but it’s all booked up.

So Kate is stuck in Munich and I am stuck at home (with our dog, Schnitzel) and all of us are quite sad to not be together.  This is already the longest we have been apart from each other since we’ve been married, and I fear that we may have (at least) several more days apart.  So everyone keep your fingers crossed so that my honey and Piccolino can come back soon, and safely, as I miss them terribly.

Plus I can’t watch the return of Glee on my DVR because I promised Kate I’d wait for her.



13 responses to “He Says… Stuck

  1. Oh gosh! How terrible–I’ll keep my fingers crossed and you guys in my thoughts. So cute that you are saving Glee to watch with her 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you are hysterical about Glee!!

    I remember being stuck in CT for an extra night trying to get back to my husband in GA and being annoyed and frustrated. Oh – and not 6 months pregnant. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the dust settles!! (Literally …)

  3. What a pain! I’m glad she at least has someone to stay with–I can’t even imagine what so many other people are doing.

  4. That last line was hilarious!
    I really hope Kate comes back soon for you. I understand the pain of staying away for so long.

  5. oh i was in munich on work as well same week! made it out on time though, luckily. good luck- i hope kate gets back soon- this has been one of the most strange times ever- who would have thought of a volcano of all things.

  6. You’re such a good husband! My husband was working out of town all week so I had to wait to watch Glee as well. It was torture! Good luck and I hope they both get back SOON!

  7. Bummer – she can’t even enjoy yummy German beer!

  8. balancingbrianne

    i commented on kate’s last post – i thought of her first when i saw the volcano (she’s the only one i knew who was abroad at the time) – i’ll be sending “able to come home” thoughts and prayers you and kate’s way. and, about glee – i was out of town this week and my husband watched without me and i was devastated : ) – so best that you wait. haha

  9. OMG Poor Kate!!! I didn’t even clue in how that would be affecting her! Jeeez I hope that something can come up for her soon!!

  10. Hi the travel prognosis seems fairly gloomy from the articles and sites I’ve been reading. I feel terrible your wife is stuck and I thought I’d do a little research for you:
    There seem to be some cruises leaving Southampton and Hamburg this month:
    if Kate needs to reach Southampton the best bet might be to take an overnight bus from Amsterdam to London then a train down.

  11. Lol last time my hubby had to go play army for 2 weeks, I had to force myself not to watch our shows…I had to sneak one or two lol. A few weeks isn’t too bad though. The longest we’ve been apart was 6 months…thanks 12 month deployment!

  12. That stinks! I was in Munich this time last year, and I can’t imagine being on a plane at 30 weeks pregnant. I called off all business travel this year because I didn’t want to get stuck in some random country that I typically travel to while preggo. At least Germany isn’t random. 🙂 Still, I was so uncomfortable on an hour-long drive this weekend that I can’t imagine sitting on a 6-hour flight. Props to Kate! Hope she makes it home soon!

  13. Oh – poor Kate! And poor you too, that’s no fun being apart for so long. I hope to hear good news soon!

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