She Says… 24 weeks

My sweet Piccolini,

Hooray! You are officially “medically viable”, which means that if you were born this week, you would have a high chance of surviving. But let’s get one thing straight: You’re not quite fully baked. I don’t really want you showing your cute face around here anytime soon, mmmkay? However, it’s pretty incredible to think that you’re pretty much fully formed at this point, and all you have to do now is grow. And grow you will! Apparently you will gain over 1/2 pound THIS WEEK ALONE. Whoa, Mama’s gonna have to work on her back muscles for that little milestone. Also, your ears are so fully formed that loud noises can startle you. I haven’t felt that happen yet, but I’m trying to keep those loud noises AWAY so you can remain calm, cool and collected in there.

I know you won’t ever remember this, but we are in Munich right now! You are already a world traveler 🙂 I am here for work for a whole week. Although it’s cool to travel by myself, it’s a bit of a challenge to be somewhere I don’t speak the language and can’t understand the signs or the menus. Also, I’ve had to turn down some DELICIOUS looking soft cheeses and free drinks. However, it’s been a great experience so far! I almost bought you a set of little lederhosen as a memento of our trip, but then I realized you’d probably hate me forever if I dressed you up in them and took pictures. So I’ll spare you the embarrassment.

I was nervous that being pregnant would make me uncomfortable on the flight across the pond, but other than making it tough to find a comfortable sleeping position on the plane, we did just fine. The first day we were here I walked for hours and hours exploring the city. Unfortunately I sort of forgot that my pregnant body doesn’t handle exertion quite like my non-pregnant body used to, and I think I overdid it a little. That night I had serious back pain and swollen feet… no fun! Since then I’ve taken it easy, allowing myself to take cabs instead of walking everywhere. Although it’s fun to wander around a new city, I am already looking forward to Saturday when I can get back to Boston to see Daddy and Schnitzel and have some real relaxing time. Too much traveling going on lately; Daddy and I have barely seen each other!

So, guten nacht, my little man. I hope you’re surviving in there even though I haven’t had as many veggies here in Munich as I do at home. Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins!

I love you more than you can ever measure. I’m so glad I got to bring you along on this adventure to Munich. It makes things much less lonely.

Mama (Mutter, in German!)


10 responses to “She Says… 24 weeks

  1. You should totally buy the lederhosen!

  2. So sweet, Kate(ie)! Yip on another big milestone. 🙂

  3. Congrats on viability!!!

  4. That last line made me cry a little bit! You are so cute! I can’t wait to see you, Benjamin and the little guy as a family.

  5. Munich? Is that, like, past Westchester? Have a safe trip!

  6. It’s your first ‘trip’ together! You totally should buy the liederhosen! Or you could take a picture of your belly with a post card from Munich on it?

    You definitely need to document the trip in a fun way 🙂

  7. What a wonderful milestone! So exciting that Piccolino is now medically viable…. it’s amazing to think of how far you two have come since that first video of when you took your positive home pregnancy test! Congrats and enjoy your trip.

  8. Well, may be he would not like the Lederhosen, but you could buy him a little Bavarian lion to cuddle with later and to remind him of the trip; they usually have some blue and white checkered (???) paws or necktie and a grey funny looking hat that is typical for the Bavarian, actually Franconian region.
    Enjoy yourself and “Gute Nacht kleine Mami, Mutti oder Mama” ;-)))

  9. …. another idea; if you want some real nice German Plush toy, then try to get one from Steiff from the antique series with wood-wool filling. For cuddling “Sigikid” is actually also very cute.

  10. wow- has it really been 24 weeks? so funny how time flies for others when youre pregnant but when youre the one actually pregnant, it seems to stand still!

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