She Says… 23 Weeks

My little man,

You’re still the size of a papaya this week! Apparently we’re far enough along in the pregnancy that your size isn’t changing quite as drastically from week to week, so the fruit analogy is good for about a month. That said, your main jobs now are doing detail work on your cute little body and gaining weight. Lots of weight. I would like for you to be nice and round and chubby when you come out to play. Looking at my own baby pictures, I’m sure you’ll carry on the family tradition of big, round cheeks that everyone will want to squeeze. Believe me, I know. Mine didn’t really go away until middle school, and they seem to be reappearing now that I’m putting on some extra pounds during pregnancy! My doctor calls it getting “fluffy” instead of getting fat. I know that it’s healthier for you if I’m eating lots of nutritious foods, so I’m happy to do it, even if it means gaining a bit of weight.

The baby books and websites tell me I might experience some swelling due to fluid retention about this time. Well at least it’s nice to know I’m right on track. This week my feet and hands have started to swell after exercise (or, ahem, my commute to/from work, which didn’t use to count as exercise, but now it does!). I can feel my feet pulse inside my shoes or watch my once-cute toes puff up in my sandals. Apparently this is because the weight of you in my uterus is putting extra pressure on the veins returning blood to the lower part of my body. I’ve also noticed that I get very short of breath while walking now — almost to the point where it’s hard to make phone calls while I powerwalk home from work! No major complaints though; overall I still feel fantastic.

I’m starting to realize that after all this time I’ve spent planning for your arrival, I should probably starting doing some of the things I’ve planned. I’ve ordered your custom crib bedding (check!), and we’re ordering your crib and changing table soon (finally found the perfect set!). I’m going to order your stroller soon too, although Daddy and I have been going back and forth on what color we like best. I’m still on the search for a fabulous rocking chair for us to sit in together while we read books before bedtime and nurse. I think part of the reason I’m dragging my feet on these things is because I feel like we have so much time until you get here. August seems SO far away right now. But the truth is that time is flying. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating making it through the first trimester… and now we’re only a few weeks away from the third!

I feel you moving around in there every day now, usually after I eat a meal or sit down to rest after doing some physical activity. Once I am still and quiet I can count on you to start swimming around, my little fish. It is still such a thrill. Daddy has felt you bounce around from the outside, too! Whenever he feels you, he smiles and says, “Hi, Baby!”. Although it’s still hard to imagine a little person all squished up in my stomach, I feel like we have created such a special, secret bond. We may not have exchanged many words (yet), but I already love you more than you will ever know.

Yours forever,


5 responses to “She Says… 23 Weeks

  1. I love these updates…simply precious!

  2. “Fluffy?” I think your doctor is a keeper :)!

  3. I’m going to come use your doc! How encouraging!\
    Happy 23 weeks!

  4. That’s awesome that you have started to feel Piccolino every day now! When did you start feeling him, and what did it feel like then? I’ve read that women might start feeling baby move anywhere between 16-22 weeks. I’m 19 weeks now, and I’ve started thinking that the weird little sensations in my lower belly might actually be baby. I’m curious to see when you knew for sure that it was Piccolino!

  5. This is totally unrelated to this post (although three cheers for 23 weeks! I cannot believe you’re already more than halfway through!), but in response to your comment on my breastfeeding post?


    I tried every single nipple-relief known to mankind, and I do mean everything, like several hundred dollars worth of everything, and there were three products that I found most helpful in terms of soothing tender nipples. I wish the night nurses had mentioned them:
    a) Medela hydrogels.
    b) Playtex gel pads (available at Target)
    c) lanolin and cabbage leaves (technically that’s four, I suppose, but I would call them about equally effective, just that lanolin is more convenient and more expensive).

    When you do start nursing, it may hurt and it may be exhausting, but I promise that it gets better. It might take two or three months, but it will get better. And when it does, it will have been worth the trouble =)

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