She Says… Ask Us Anything!

Yesterday a reader (hi, Kelly L.!) suggested that Benjamin and I do an “Ask Us Anything” post. I love it when other bloggers do this — I often find that their answers shed so much light on who they are behind the blog. To be honest, the main reason I haven’t done it before is that I’m secretly afraid no one will ask anything!

So, I’m putting us out there. ASK US ANYTHING! You can write us a comment here or send us an email, and I promise we’ll respond to each and every question. In fact, I’m even thinking about us doing a video response, so make your questions good 🙂

Anything you’re dying to ask about us, our life, our relationship, our journey to get pregnant, my pregnancy, etc.?


23 responses to “She Says… Ask Us Anything!

  1. any specific advice for coping with the disappointments along the way to getting pregnant?

  2. what are you most afraid of either related to giving birth or the baby actually being here?

  3. What would you say is the most difficult part of this IF process? And what was the easiest part?

  4. Well, you know I’m dying to ask what name you’ve picked… but I know it’s a secret. 🙂

    So, Kate, what are your feelings about breastfeeding? Do you plan to try it? If so, do you have a goal for how long you’d like to do it?

  5. I just got put on supplemental progesterone and I feel like I have “roid rage”! Are the high levels during pregnancy enough to make you lose your cool more often?

  6. Hmmmm…any weird cravings? What’s been the most surprising thing to you about your pregnancy? BTW, in the post about registering at Babies R Us, you looked so cute with your baby bump!!

  7. oh oh!!!

    this is disgusting, but apparently it is actually a real thing. what do you think about placenta eating (see momversation episode from this week for more info: ) ?

  8. How do you and Benjamin plan to keep your marriage strong and healthy after the baby comes?

  9. You both travel a lot–do you have any plans for traveling with your son? Where would you like to take him?

  10. How long did you guys date before you were married? How long were you married before you decided it was time for children? What tradition are you most excited to do with your children?

  11. how long are you taking for a maternity leave?

  12. Did you every fell like some people just don’t get IF? I’ve got a good friend that just doesn’t seem to understand how it makes me feel, etc.

  13. If you could go back in time to when you were still TTC.. what would you say to yourself now that you have been pregnant for 20+ weeks, and you know now what it feels like to be on the “other side” of the IF rollercoaster!

    I always wonder what I’ll wish that I would have known if I ever get to carry a baby in the future.

    This question is for both Kate and Benjamin. =)

    God bless xoxo

  14. How do you plan to introduce the baby to your dog?

  15. Are you religious people? If yes, at what point do you want to introduce religion to your child?

  16. How do you feel about vaccines? Are you considering more kids? and… what about adoption?

  17. Yay! So glad to you did this!

    Okay, here are mine….

    1) Have you had any cravings for wierd stuff you don’t typically like or regularly eat?

    2) Did you ever throw up? I remember you saying you had some nausea but wasn’t sure if you ever got “sick sick” 🙂

    3) Are yall worried about how Schnitzl will respond the the new baby?

    I had a bunch of good ones but forgot them all now that you are actually doing this. Go figure, I get a shout out and this is what happens. ha!

  18. I know you’re a healthy eater – how has your eating changed since you’ve been expecting? Do you think you are eating LOTS more than you did previously? Or just differently? (i.e. more carbs and less veggies…etc.)

    And do you think you’ll continue to blog after baby and beyond?

  19. Hi Kate, I want to ask you if there were any certain mental phrases that you repeated to yourself during your treatment (words of encouragement). I believe that our minds have a great deal of power over how well our bodies perform. I’m starting year two of TTC and am planning to have my first IVF treatment in June.

  20. Ohhh, one more really personal question– Do you plan on circumsizing your son? Interested in knowing how you feel about it, now that you know that you’re having a boy… and I think we are, too.

  21. do you think your life will never, ever be even slightly the same once the baby is born? what parts of your ‘old’ life do you want to keep even though you have a wee one?

  22. do you regret anything you have made public on here?

  23. Do you feel that having struggled with infertility in the past has made you more fearful during the progression of the pregnancy and the prospect of the birth?

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