He Says… I Survived!

I did it!  I survived my first trip to Babies R Us!  Yesterday we went to register for Kate’s baby shower.  (I feel sort of strange registering, and having friends and family buy us gifts, but I am not really going to complain if this is the normal protocol.)  I got myself psyched up for this trip, and Kate promised me that we would leave if I started to have a nervous breakdown.  I contemplated bringing a flask, but opted for a travel mug of coffee instead.

The place was crowded, but it could have been worse.  Lots of pregnant ladies.  Lots of children.  Fortunately I didn’t see or hear too many temper tantrums.  We got in and got our registering gun and went off in search of things we needed for Piccolino.  I went in thinking there was not too much we’d need.  We plan to get most of the nursery furniture at Ikea, so I kind of thought what else was there to get.  A car seat?  Some clothes?  What else?  Well, Kate had a 2 page list of the “essentials” that we needed for the arrival of our baby, so I guess I was mistaken.

We started in an area of the store where I was confronted by a product called “My Brest Friend”.  Really!  This was some sort of nursing pillow, but that name… WOW!  Kate did indeed register for this item (she said her older sister swears by this device) and I want to know which of our friends or family decides to get this for her.  That would be a TRUE friend.  We got out of that area pretty quickly (Kate wants to do more research on breast pumps, so I was spared that dilemma) and moved to the car seats.  I felt this was an item that I would be involved in so I became more interested.  Obviously the first thing that interested me was how it looked (Kate and I are clearly two peas in a pod), and I really had to assume that all of them had the same safety ratings more or less.  We saw one that we liked the looks of (a Chicco, I believe) and I pulled it from the shelf to “try it out”.  I wanted to see how you got the seat off the base.  Looked easy enough, so I thought, until I spent 5 minutes fumbling with the thing, pressing every button trying to separate the seat from the base.  Finally a nice employee came over and showed me the one button I did not see, and showed me how easy it was to do.

We worked our way through the rest of the store and I quickly became overwhelmed by how many seating devices one could need for a baby.  A stroller, a car seat, a swing, a bouncy chair, a high chair, a bumbo.  Maybe Piccolino will come out of the womb already walking and won’t need to sit so much!  I realized that our apartment is going to seem much smaller once all these baby products make there way into our apartment.  Oh well.  Anyway, we got through the whole store in about 90 minutes (although I swear it was 3 days) and registered for about a zillion things, but I was happy that we did not buy a single thing while we were there.  Kate has promised that I won’t need to go back there for a couple months so I am going to hold her to that!


22 responses to “He Says… I Survived!

  1. We took our first trip to Babies R Us this weekend as well! We didn’t register yet, but I think we’re going to go back soon to do that. It is overwhelming but fun! My husband didn’t love that first section either 🙂 I think we’re also going to get a Chicco carseat. Anyway, glad you guys had fun!

  2. Nice post! I love to hear the male perspective on things like this 🙂

  3. The Bumbo chair is a necessity, but don’t waste money on the Bumbo tray. I found it to be completely worthless.

  4. I’m sorry. You guys are absolutely adorable. That’s for you too Benjamin. The outfits, the pictures, everything….love it all.

  5. I find Babies R Us totally overwhelming and I’m 31 weeks pregnant! I’m not sure I will ever be *totally* comfortable in there. Nice job for going with Kate though, my hubby had zero interest!

  6. What a fun post! Kate is looking so cute with her little pregnant belly!

  7. My husband has avoided all baby shopping trips so far. It’s enough for him to muster up enthusiasm for looking at all my purchases when I get home! His only obligation is to assemble all purchases (a process that can involve a lot of 4 letter words!)

    Now when baby presents come to our house (the shower is coming up), he just sighs and asks, “How much assembly is required?” 🙂

  8. You look great, Kate!! 🙂

  9. BRU is a scary place. My baby is 3 weeks old now, and I’m still avoiding it at all costs! After we registered, I told my husband that I thought it was a cruel joke that you have to do that when you’re not allowed to drink, because I really could have used a few beers when we left! It is fun getting all the stuff though. 🙂

    And Kate looks great!

  10. So glad to know that I’m not the only pregnant person who has near panic attacks every time I step foot near a BRU. I kept hoping it would get easier the farther along I get, but I think it’s actually opposite. 😦

    Kate, you look incredible!!!

  11. Hehehe, about a month ago we went for the first time. It wasn’t overly busy at our Babies R Us and we went just to check things out and get our feet wet and I was all calm and pleasant about this whole baby thing, then as soon as we got there and I saw HOW MANY OPTIONS and “things” there were, I got all stressed out and my calm pleasant feelings went right out the window! lol

    I’m not sure if we’re “registering” or not, simply because our families live in smaller communities where there’s no registering of any kind and there’s not a lot of money, so while I would love to, still not quite sure.

    Same situation when we got married too. Although I ended up registering at Sears last minute because there were some friends who were really insisting on it and they ended up offering a discount for us to purchase items that were left. If Babies R Us did that, I’d do it in a heart beat! Do they? Fat chance eh?

  12. awww this was cute 🙂

  13. We went yesterday, too! Fortunately I did most of my registering with an experienced friend during my lunch hour, sparing my hubby all the minutiae. We added a few more things yesterday, including strollers (a lightweight and a jogger), a few safety products, and an activity mat. He also assembled the crib this weekend. Time’s going by so fast. We need to grab dinner before the babies arrive!

  14. Babies R Us does offer 10% off one day to buy anything on your registry that you didn’t receive. If you join their rewards program you get great coupons and discounts.

  15. Kate looks cute 🙂

  16. Kate you look adorable!

  17. I’ve promised my husband that I will not force him to do the baby registry thing with me– I learned my lesson when I made him come along for our wedding registry!

    Luckily, my mom is happy to come along.

    Kate!! The belly looks SOOOOO cute!!!

  18. One of my best friends swears by her Breast Friend! And the Bumbo is the best invention since sliced bread!

  19. I never managed to get my hubby into Babies-R-Us, but I’m sure he would have needed the flask had I insisted! We made do with Target.

    We loved the bumbo (still do – at 19 months!) and the tray…used them all the time.

    Kate – you look great! I swear by the Medula Pump-in-style…so expensive, but so worth it…

  20. Kate looks SO cute!

    I recommend the Britax carseats, they’re one of the only ones with side impact protection, which makes me feel safer. For my kids, that is. We currently own six of them (for two kids, multiple cars including our parents)

  21. Glad you made it through BRU! And Kate, your belly looks gorgeous!

  22. Slightly off the subject perhaps, but a request for people to think about the ethics of buying strollers (pushchairs). Please try and think about, for example, the cloth the item is made from, the human rights of the employees where they’re manufactured and the ethics of the retailer. Oh, and try to share to acquaintances with babies instead of discarding. Thanks!!!!

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