He Says… Thanks Amazon

Kate bought a couple books from Amazon.  They arrived today and we got one extra book that she did not order.  Guess which one it was?  Thanks Amazon for the free book!

12 responses to “He Says… Thanks Amazon

  1. LOL on the mystery book! But on a side note, kudos to you guys for getting Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I started reading it when my son was 6 months old and wish I would have sooner, the techniques in that book are great!

  2. READ the Harvey Karp book before your little boy is born…I sure wish I had, because those first few weeks you will really need his advice but you won’t have time to read a book! It’s a quick read and his advice worked wonders for us.

  3. I have purchased Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child on Amazon last month and the book really helped a lot. Enjoy reading.

  4. My friend who has two boys and also a pediatrician for Dad and Step-Mom said Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is the best book she ever read as a new parent. Also, it’s one of the only books that her parents tell their patients to read!

  5. PS: You’re naming the baby Legs McNeil, aren’t you?

  6. That’s hilarious!! And the Weissbluth book is awesome., you’ll be referring to it for years!!

  7. I think that was my order that you accidentally got. 🙂 That’s hilarious. It looks like the person putting together that shipment might have noticed that one doesn’t seem to belong!

  8. Too funny! You might *feel* that way after a few weeks of sleep, but it definitely doesn’t seem to mix well with the other books!

  9. I’m going to share our approach to baby prep reading, because it worked really well. We bought and skimmed books about child development, sleep, nursing, etc. before Lydia was born, and then when Lydia hit the points developmentally when we needed to really know what to do, we went back and read more closely. Don’t get too worried about knowing everything now, because in the throes of child-rearing, I found that I read and reread and triple read the information anyway!

  10. I’ve heard that “Happiest Baby on the Block” is one of the best baby books around.

  11. Happiest Baby on the Block was a life saver for us with #1. His 5 S’s really worked for our little boy and I’m looking forward to using the same techniques with #2 in a few months.

  12. Funny. My wife has please kill me and thinks it’s a great book (seriously).

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