She Says… Spring has sprung!

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the kind I mean. After three days straight of rain, the sun came out and the air warmed up. Everything seemed to gleam in the sunshine. The streets were filled with babies and dogs. You couldn’t help but smile as the sun warmed your face. I took Schnitzel for his midday walk (working from home is THE BEST!) and we both practically danced down the sidewalk. The weather was awesome.

And do you know what Benjamin and I generally do to celebrate blue skies and gorgeous weather like yesterday’s? We go for a bike ride.

Riding in Red Rock Canyon while vacationing in Vegas

Benjamin got me into road biking after I graduated from college, and it has become one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon on a nice day. We have even trained for and finished two century rides (100 miles in one day). The first ride of spring is always one of the best rides of the year, in my opinion. Breathing in the sun and the breeze as we pedal down the street together feels even more amazing after a long, cold, Boston winter.

But this year, we couldn’t. Well, let me re-phrase that. I couldn’t. Even though I’m still exercising consistently, doctors recommend that pregnant women use only a stationary bike (as in, not going anywhere… staring at the gym wall) after their first trimester. I think it’s mainly because the risk of falling is too great (and believe me, using clipless pedals I have fallen off of my bike more than a few times!) and because my center of gravity has shifted forwards as my stomach has expanded, so I don’t have the balance and control that I had pre-pregnancy. I looked at Benjamin with a devilish look in my eye, as if to say, “I’m pretty fit, I’m sure I could handle a bike ride…” but the look on his face said no. He’s right; it’s not worth the risk.

I think that not being able to go for a bike ride yesterday was the FIRST thing I have missed while being pregnant. Eliminating caffeine from my diet was eay, not drinking alcohol has been a no-brainer and even dealing with new sleeping positions hasn’t been that bad. But knowing I couldn’t go for a bike ride on the first glorious, spring-like day was a bit disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m so happy to be where I am. But I kind of wish I could unstrap the belly and go for a quick ride in the sunshine with my favorite riding partner. I’ll miss those two wheels this spring!


16 responses to “She Says… Spring has sprung!

  1. I’m missing my hot baths. I know it’s totally worth it for what I’m gaining, but after a long hard day, I sure would enjoy a nice hot bath. 🙂

  2. I know what I’m gonna miss (along with most outdoor exercises)… dressing in cute spring and summer clothes. My younger sis has taken all of my pre-preggers clothes for herself. I’ve been wearing running shoes or any flat comfy shoes all the time lately. Kinda miss wearing the nice heels out too.

    Of course all worth it at the end :)!!!

  3. Well – just think how much fun it’ll be when you can ride bikes as a family! You can get one of those tow behind baby strollers!

  4. We got pregnant before our honeymoon which was scheduled 5 months after our wedding because I KNEW I wanted to go skiing in the mountains for our honeymoon. Guess what else you can’t do preggers. That’s right, ski! I was so miserable on the trip because I wanted to go skiing SO BADLY. And I live in Texas so I don’t get very many opportunities. But having had my son, I can tell you I’m so much more grateful he was safe and sound inside me and that he came out perfect!

  5. Perhaps some would call me reckless, but I rode my bike through my entire pregnancy. I finished my last ride about 14 hours before I gave birth! I was on paved, flat bike trails, on a “townie” bike that is NOT designed for speed, and in my regular tennis shoes. My Dr. said that as long as I felt balanced and played it safe, it was OK. But…I had been riding consistantly from a time when I was much smaller (around 4 months). Today, the sun is out and I’m itching to get out the bike – but haven’t ridden since last October and I’m MUCH bigger – 8 months…so I’m trying to weigh my options. Probably a walk is a better plan 🙂 I love your idea of “unstrapping the belly” for a bit! After all, the stationary bike is painfully boring compared to outdoor rides…

  6. I’m always telling my husband that I want to leave the baby at home and go out for a hard run, followed by a hot shower and a nap (sleeping on my belly of course!) I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of that! 🙂

  7. I agree with Janelle! Once the snow melted, I switched from cross country skiing everyday to biking. I don’t feel in danger of falling at all. I definitely wouldn’t do the road-bike / battle hazardous traffic thing (it is the cars that scare me), but if you have a crushed gravel or paved bike path near you, I’d have no worries riding on those!

  8. P.S. I did give up running b/c I didn’t like picturing the baby bouncing around in there! I know tons of women who kept running. I’d like to think biking is better.

  9. I understand wanting to get out and play with the Spring Fever. We will have our time one day!

  10. I rode my bike until the third tri with both pg, and a good friend rode until her ninth month (both of us in the Boston area; I commuted to and from work, Waltham to Cambridge). I never felt unstable at all. My doc said that I could continue riding until I did feel unbalanced, but I never did. Just another perspective 🙂

  11. I’m right there with you! My husband and I trained for and rode a century together last year. He’s training again, but with his dad. I don’t feel safe enough on our roads here to keep going, but I so wish I could join in the fun.

  12. I hear you!! We were in Mexico, and I wanted to go on the boat and they wouldn’t let me just in case the seas were rough!! I guess it’s all worth it for the health of our baby 🙂

    The thing I miss most is raw tuna 🙂 I cannot wait to have that after I give birth.

  13. I’m a new reader here and I just wanted to say congratulations (caught up on some other posts & pages)!

  14. Spring is so wonderful–weather like this is why we moved here! I’ve been loving running around in my sandals–my dogs love it too.

  15. that’s frustrating – but it will make your first bike ride after the baby comes even better! i went for my first outdoor bikeride of the year and it was glorious. i enjoyed it on your behalf 😉

  16. Ha–I know how you feel. My last bike ride (20 miler) was when I was about 3 mths pregnant. After that I threw in the towel–oh how I miss it!
    Can’t wait to bike and run again.

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