She Says… At Last!

I FINALLY felt it. That flutter. Those bubbles. The elusive “quickening”.


To be honest, it’s something I’ve probably been feeling for at least a few weeks. It used to feel more like a vague tensing of some muscle I didn’t know I had, or like gas bubbles or normal stomach gurgles. But today it was a distinct flutter right behind my belly button. It happened twice in a row. I was sitting in a meeting this morning trying to concentrate on the presentation, and all of a sudden I felt the little dance going on inside me. It was like a very soft wiggle or series of bubbles popping on the inside of my skin, localized right under my belly button. It only lasted a few seconds, but I knew it was a bit different than what I had felt before. A dumb grin broke out across my face when I realized what it must have been. I willed it to happen again, but no such luck.

I haven’t felt it again since, but I have been more aware of various sensations of tensing and movement inside me. This body amazes me every day.

On another note, I’m in New York (again!) for work, so I might be a little MIA for a few days. I’ll be back soon 🙂


21 responses to “She Says… At Last!

  1. That’s so incredible!

  2. Oh, how fun!! You lucky little mommy, I can’t wait for those reminders that all is good inside the jacuzzi! 🙂 Congrats!

  3. How exciting!!! I’m anxiously awaiting the first little flutters myself. Thanks for the description so maybe I won’t write it off as gas when it does happen. 🙂

  4. Yeah!!! How wonderful 🙂

  5. So exciting!!! I can’t wait to feel this.

  6. You can always try drinking some ice cold water (or OJ) or eating some sugar and then lie on your side. That’s best way to feel the baby move (but don’t stress if it doesn’t work!)

    Congrats on the milestone, I can’t wait to read the “why won’t the baby stop kicking me in the bladder at 2am” post 🙂

  7. Ahhhhh!!!!!! I totally felt the little peanut today tooo!!!!!! Only instead of a flutter (which I SWEAR I felt ONCE at 14 weeks), mine has been a little “thud” or a “thump” on the inside of my abdomen. It happened twice right in a row and then once again about 4 hours later 🙂

    This is so exciting that it happened at the same time and we’re only a day apart! lol

    It’s the best feeling ever 🙂

  8. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    That is so exciting for you!

  9. That’s so cool you got to feel it! I first felt the feeling, which I equated to a twitching muscle, at 17 weeks, but then I didn’t feel it again for a couple weeks! I thought I had imagined the whole thing. Now, of course, I feel him a lot as he gives me some serious jabs 🙂

  10. Awwww!! Sweet, sweet sweet!! Congratulations, there’s nothing in the world like that feeling!

  11. Yayyyy!!! That’s awesome!!!

  12. Isn’t that the best feeling in the whole world? I used to giggle every time my son would wiggle…stopped laughing when it turned into punches, but it was still amazing all at the same time. Enjoy every second.

  13. How sweet and wonderful!!

  14. Amazing feeling – So happy that you are enjoying all the joys of pregnancy!!

  15. I’m having a blast living vicariously through you with these happy pregnancy moments. They make me stop, smile, and enjoy the moment when I’m in a “can’t wait to pop this baby out” mood. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Ah that was the best part of being pregnant hahaha until you are close to the end and you get a kidney shot or a kick under the ribs, but I loved being able to feel my little on inside of me and it was very cool to actually see a foot sticking out of me, enjoy this special time.

  17. Isn’t it the most AMAZING feeling!! My baby girl tends to be sporadic, but the past few days she has been more active! I smile EACH TIME!

  18. Such a happy, happy moment!! Only more from here!

  19. Congrats! So happy for you!

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