She Says… Busy Schedules

Benjamin and I did some calendar planning over the last week. We plotted the weddings we have been invited to this summer, his work trips, and my work schedule, and what we came up with was a calendar that is pretty much booked up until June (except for a few weekends with nothing planned that I would like to keep that way!). Thank goodness for June, when I have to stay close to home (or at least not fly) just in case the little one decides to come early.

How is it that we don’t have a free weekend until almost 5 months from now?! While we are fortunate to have the ability to travel like we do, and are even more fortunate that Benjamin has enough work to keep him traveling regularly (he works freelance, so even if it’s on weekends, we like it when he works!), I do wish that we had a few more “free” weekends to enjoy at home together before the baby comes. Because I can only imagine how our weekends will change when Piccolini is here. Frankly, we’re both looking forward to having some forced downtime starting in June, and are really looking forward to the weeks and months after the baby comes to clear our schedules and concentrate entirely on our little family.

This weekend has been one of those rare weekends where neither of us had commitments, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending the time together. Yesterday we went to the gym, spent a leisurely afternoon grocery shopping at Whole Foods and made a delicious lasagna dinner together. Today we went out to brunch, walked the dog together, and I spent the afternoon baking bread and muffins for the upcoming week. How lovely! Sometimes I think I would be totally happy to never leave my house since Benjamin and I enjoy spending time together so much.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. Hope you’re all having a weekend as relaxing and satisfying as mine!

7 responses to “She Says… Busy Schedules

  1. Busy, busy! I’ll have to meet you for tea or something on a weekday, then!

    I love weekends like the one you just described. Bliss.

  2. Ha! Just wait! I thought our weekends would free up once our boy arrived and I was INCREDIBLY wrong. Since he was born in October we have had ONE weekend where we had nothing going on, nowhere to go, and no one visiting! ONE weekend. I thought it’d be easier because we’re an hour from one side of the family and two from the other, but they come anyway! Nothing will stop the family and friends who want to visit you! And if you’re like us, you’ll be guilt-tripped into visiting them often as well!

  3. Wow – that’s crazy! It’s good that you have nothing the last 2 months. I’m down to about 13 weeks left – and realize we have a very busy February. Hubby’s bday, lots of dinners and plans, moving! , and a trip to Florida (i’ll be 30 weeks and am hoping that’s ok!). But then once mid March hits we’re quiet until the baby comes (due May 14th)

  4. I love being at home with my husband too. It’s the most fun EVER.
    Being so busy will make the time rush by, and piccolini will be here before you know it!

  5. send me some muffins? we spent the weekend napping, in preparation for you having a baby.

  6. 36 weeks is considered full term. I was ecstatic when they put me on travel restriction at 36 weeks and said I shouldn’t go further than an hour away from our hospital. It meant that we had a nice Thanksgiving in our own town and that I didn’t have to travel 4 hours by car to certain relatives’ houses that I don’t necessarily enjoy visiting. The forced down time was glorious!!!!!

  7. I hear you! Hubs and I are traveling like crazy b’twn weddings and work and bachelor/ette commitments. I long for the day when I can travel without worrying about how it might mess up an important RE appt. 🙂

    Enjoy the weekends you are home! Grocery shopping and cooking are some of our fave down-time activities, too. 🙂 Are you waiting to find out the gender to begin prepping Piccolini’s room?

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