She Says… 13 Weeks

Sweet little Piccolini,

This week we enter the 2nd trimester. Already I feel like a million bucks. My energy is back, my food aversions are gone (hello, salads, I’ve missed you!), my pimples have cleared up and I feel that elusive pregnancy “glow”. Also, I’ve officially graduated into maternity clothes, which is a pretty exciting change as well. Since I’ve been feeling like my pre-pregnancy self again, I haven’t been feeling that pregnant (aside from my expanding belly), so it makes me wonder if you’re still doing ok in there. I’m sure you are, but give me a little sign now and then, ok? In a few weeks I will be able to feel you moving around, so I’m sure that will alleviate my fears.

In a few hours your dad and I are heading to a special doctor’s office to get a super-detailed ultrasound done. It is the first part of a sequential test that will give us information about how likely you are to be born with Down Syndrome. I am not really worried about the outcome of the tests (the likelihood of a woman my age having a baby with Down Syndrome is 1 in 1,300), I am just excited to get another picture of you as you grow! So get yourself all prettied up, you’re about to be on display.

You, my little one, are nearly 3 inches, the size of a peach, this week. Your teeth and vocal cords are forming, although I’m thankful that they are not functional at this point. I can’t imagine it would feel very nice to have a little baby chomping on my insides for the next 6 months. Also, your intestines, previously forming outside of your body in the umbilical cord, are making their way into your body. That is a much better place for them! The size of your tiny body is slowly but surely catching up with the size of your head, and from now on you’ll just concentrate on getting bigger.

I promise to give you all the food and rest that you need to grow big and strong. I already love being the one to provide for you. I can’t wait until I can meet you after all this time we have spent together.

I love you so much it makes me heart want to burst.



6 responses to “She Says… 13 Weeks

  1. What a sweet letter! Have fun at your ultrasound… you will cherish each one you get to do!

    And, try not to worry about feeling pregnant. I didn’t really feel pregnant until about week 17 or so. I’m sure you have heard this, but keep in mind that every woman feels things at different times!

  2. Enjoy your u/s! I love your joy and glow! 🙂

    And that peach size is serious stuff. NICE!

  3. Again, so sweet. I think I”m feeling super nostalgic this week as my SIL gave birth to her son yesterday!

  4. Yay for 2nd tri!!!! It is a whole different ballgame! I love it!

  5. good luck at your ultrasound! i’m totally envious your pimples have cleared up!! still waiting on that day to come for me.

  6. SO wonderful! Peach-sized is getting so big 🙂 It’s also great to hear that your skin is clearing up, because mine has been so awful that I feel like I’m going through puberty all over again. I had my first u/s today and we got to see that lovely lovely heartbeat!! I bawled.

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