She Says… Couldn’t Resist

So while I was shopping for my first round of maternity clothes over the weekend, I ventured into the Gap. And in this particular Gap, the maternity clothes were in the Gap Baby section. I was beelining for a cute sweater for me when something caught my eye. Something I just couldn’t leave the store without.

It was THIS:

I’ve been a bit superstitious up to this point, not wanting to buy anything until I was sure that the little babe was going to be around to enjoy it. Apparently I’m over that. I walked out with this tiny onesie in tow, and a huge, huge smile on my face.


20 responses to “She Says… Couldn’t Resist

  1. Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness! Isn’t buying that first outfit the most delightful fun?! =)

  2. Very, very cute.

  3. It is SO adorable!! Will you guys be finding out the sex of the baby???

    Small update, I had an ultrasound on Thursday and I am in fact, pregnant….with twins. All naturale, no clomid this time around and no history of twins in either of our families. I wanted to thank you again for sharing your struggle. While giving you real, personal advice -it help me push my fears aside, forge ahead on the TTC road and it happened. 2 1/2 years and lots of tears for baby 1 and 1 month and tears of joy for babies 2 and 3.

    Anyway, I don’t want to make your blog about me – so, I LOVE the pear onesie – it is adorable!!

  4. The sweetest thing! I haven’t bought anything yet, but I have had to reign in the hubs. He has bought two sports team onesies. I have to admit they are adorable!!
    I am trying to hold out until we find out the sex!

  5. so cute, how could you resist! honestly 🙂

  6. That’s so cute!

    I just found your blog (and love it) and just wanted to say I know where you’re coming from. My husband and I are expecting our first in 7 wks (YAY!) but I remember not wanting to buy anything because I had some of your same fears….
    Then one day I came home with a boat load of stuff from Old Navy because it was 50% already marked down items…I guess a great sale will push those thoughts right out. Haha.


  7. I broke down and bought two outfits, it’s hard to resist! Now I keep wanting to buy stuff for the nursery, which is pretty silly since most of it will not be appreciated by the baby (wall art?).

    Has your dog noticed your pregnancy yet? Mine noticed when I was about 13 wks and she loves to lie with her head pressed against my belly. I think she can hear the baby moving or something!

  8. Awww… how cute! The only thing I have bought is a surfboard border for the nursery. That is not to say, however, that the Grandmas haven’t already gone crazy with stuff! I feel like I need to go buy him something just so I can say, “Look what MOMMY & DADDY got for you!”

  9. Oh, and Joanna… congrats on the twins!!

  10. i was in babygap a few months ago buying presents for friends/family and oh my god. the onesies are sooooo cute. buying them made me happy.

  11. That is really, really cute. 🙂 Will you guys be finding out the sex of the baby and announcing it here?

  12. That is so precious! I just love the green.

  13. Thank you, everyone! I know, it’s just too cute. I can’t stop staring at it. A few comments…

    Joanna, I wrote you an email, but I just want to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How incredible to have two little miracles after a rough road. And with no meds or anything. You are amazing! Can’t wait to hear how things progress. You are one lucky lady.

    Meg, Hi! Thanks for reading. Yep, I can only imagine myself in front of a 50% off rack of baby clothes. Lord help me.

    Kara, That is SO interesting that you just asked about the dog, because I just got the sense about 2 days ago that he’s becoming a bit different around me. I don’t know if he KNOWS, or if he just needs some extra love, but from the moment I get home he is nuzzling up to my hip and won’t leave my side. He’s always been a little Mama’s Boy, so it’s no surprise, but I am beginning to wonder if he’s noticing the changes going on in my midsection. I’ll keep an eye on it…

    Lisa, Yes! We have an appointment in early March to find out the sex, and I will most definitely be posting it on the blog. I am miserable at keeping secrets, so might as well share the exciting news. I can’t wait to find out! Then the nursery planning will commence 🙂

  14. I’m so hugely glad that you took the plunge. This real, this is happening! (Good LORD I cannot WAIT for the day I can feel what that is like, hahaha.) That onsie is too. cute. for. words!!!!

    And, Kate, thank you SO much for the trigger shot offer. You are such a good egg! 🙂 I’ll email you offline.

  15. How cute!!!! Good thing that is green so a boy or a girl can wear it =)

  16. Oh my god. I love that onesie. I want one…

  17. LOVE IT! 🙂

    Do you have a sense either way (boy or girl)? I was ridiculous in that the first piece of clothing I bought was clearly for a girl…because I had a feeling it was a girl. Everyone kept yelling at me because I would even refer to her as “she”. I went out several more times and bought DRESSES! This was all before our 20 week ultrasound when we found out…she was indeed a girl. 🙂

    So I was just curious what your feelings were…

    I will warn you…once you buy that first item…it’s all downhill! Have FUN! 🙂

  18. We aren’t even pregnant and we bought a batman pajama set when we went to Orlando. Hubby loves Batman lol.

  19. Have you used this adorable onesie yet???

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