Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

He Says… Weekend Escape

We have both been neglecting our blog duties, but we took a weekend away for a little rest and relaxation to my parents’ house in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Well it was not entirely restful, as Kate is almost getting over her week long cold, and I managed to finally get it from her, so we spent each night feeling extremely parched from the dry weather and sore throats.  There was a lot of nose blowing and foggy headedness.  Fun.  But we did manage to get out for some fun activities.  We had a couple friends up there with us and on Saturday I went downhill skiing with them (Kate stayed home as we decided downhill skiing was not a great idea for the pregnant lady).  On Sunday we all went cross-country skiing (which Kate and I both prefer over downhill anyways).

Despite our ailments it was a nice weekend away though, with lots of eating and drinking (I am still drinking for 2, don’t worry).  But now it’s nice to be back home again, and back to our normal schedules and back to blogging.  And Wednesday we (can I say we?) begin our second trimester which is very exciting indeed.

And I leave you with a picture of our big baby Schnitzel, who loves romping around in the snowy wilderness.